Get Dinosaurs For Your Do

While dinosaurs are often seen as the sort of things that are for boys only girls like them too. Well, the cool girls anyway. So make sure your little girl is really cool with this awesome set of six Dinosaur Hair Clips.

Tough Versus Fluff? Who Wins? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

You think you're tough?  Think you're a tough guy, eh?  Well, this video shows who the real tough guy is.  Staring contest: Go!

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Hamster Inmate Of The Day

Hey Warden! Whatcha doin's? Me? Oh I was justs wondering when I can get paroled from this joints.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Gangsta Raven Of The Day

They calls me Craven the Raven. I is ther toughest bird in the hood. If you dis my Poe boy I will cut you.

How Do They Get Those Shots? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

If I was 15 years younger, this would be my dream job.  As it is, I tend to groan when getting out of my office chair.  But to watch how cinematographers set up rigs for expansive wildlife shots is pretty jaw-dropping.

Just A Crab Eating Noodles. The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I think I know how this crab feels.  Every Sunday I go to a Thai temple to get some Pho.  It is fantastic.  I suspect that this little guy would hitch a ride with me for some deliciousness.  I mean, c'mon--look at his technique!  This guy is doin' some serious slurpin'!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Pizza Cat Of The Day

Ther party is almosts over. No one is lookings. Quick! Makes your move kitty dude!

PetsLady's Pick: Beautiful Bulldog Pin-Up Of The Day

Hai! I is Ashley and I is the centerfold for some doggy magazine. My turn-ons is walks in ther rain and chewing on dead things. My biggest turn-offs is peoples who don't like bulldogs.

Here: A Tiny Hamster Eating A Tiny Pizza -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I believe it is safe to say that pizza is the universal notion of delicious.  Watch as this tiny hamster devours an equally tiny slice of (what in my opinion) is the perfect food.

PetsLady's Pick: Adorable Cat And Mouse Of The Day

I caughts mine very first mouse today! I don't knows what all ther fuss is abouts.

Driving Miss Daisy’s Pets In Alexandria Is Uber-esque

If you’re an entrepreneur living in a concentrated area with more than 135,000 licensed dogs and 1.2 cats for every dog, and you’re not a veterinarian, you might just start thinking about developing a business that catered to pet owners. That’s what an Alexandrian, VA resident did recently who lives just inside the Washington, DC beltway.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Thor Dog Of The Day

Mine human turned me into a gods and a superhero in one fell swoops. I is now ther gods of thunder and lightning, strength, potecting mankinds, and oak trees.

Low Maintenance Pets: Fire-Bellied Toads Make Good Pets For Kids

Looking for a low maintenance pet for a little one that's hardy and won't break the bank in upkeep and care? A semi-aquatic pet might be just the answer. Not only are they fun and interesting, but they provide kids with opportunities to learn. Where are they from? What do they eat? Are they strong swimmers? How many colors do they come in and why are their bellies bright orange?

Politikats Cat Scratching Posts Trump All Others

Politikats are "Politically Inclined Cat Scratching Posts" featuring uncanny likenesses of Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Vladimir Putin. Now you can share your pets' claw-exercising pleasure as they shred these rope-wrapped symbols of a flawed political process and (hopefully) leave your innocent furniture in peace.

Spider-Dog! The Superhero Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Super-heroes Spider-man and Deadpool meet their match.  This canine crusader is much faster when it comes to getting to the scene of the crime.

PetsLady's Pick: Mythical Tex Ness Monster Of The Day

Breaking News! Due to the current flooding in Texas the legendary and rarely seen Tex Ness Monster was photographed attempting to negotiate traffic in Houston.

Canine Body Language: What A Dog's Stance And Subtle Behavior Is Saying

Do you know what it means when a dog lowers its head and upper body and starts wagging its tail slowly? How about when its tail becomes erect and starts to quiver? Would you assume they were happy, sad or frightened? Learn more about animal body language in association with subtle behavioral changes to understand your dog better.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Snuggling Bat Of The Day

Everybody needs a nice soft teddy bear to cuddle -- no matter what the species!

What Happens When You Combine A GoPro With A Pelican? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

The small size and light weight of a GoPro camera, along with an extensive variety of mounting equipment, lead to some interesting videos.  In this case, a pelican is taught how to fish.  I can happily say that in all of the years I have been writing for this site, this is my favorite video to date.

8 Tips To Reduce Pet Odors And Make Your House Less Stinky

Is your smelly pet stinking up your house? Are you looking to keep a pet without the lingering smells? Keep reading to find out what you can do to prevent and minimize pet odors from your dog or cat.