PetsLady's Pick: Funny Pizza Cat Of The Day

Backs away, human! You abandoneded this pizza so's now it is mine! *burp*

In Japan All The Cool Dogs Are Really Square

The Japanese love pressing boundaries, embracing the unusual, and turning just about everything into an art form. This includes their pets. Last year the trend was to have your dog groomed to look like a panda regardless of the breed. This year everything is going square. The newest craze is to have your dog trimmed into perfect geometric shapes.

Are Kangaroos Considered Gauche?

Gibble-fisted, wrong-handers and sinistrals are just a few of the derogatory terms used to label those that favor one hand over another. Left-handers it seems have to bear the brunt of name-calling in a society, which thinks less of those who use the wrong hand for the right things. However, while only 10 percent of humans favor their right hand for writing, throwing a ball and most other daily activities, kangaroos display . . .

Things You Don't See Everyday: A Raccoon Surfing An Alligator

Not even in Florida, where alligators are fairly common, are you likely to see a raccoon riding an alligator. Richard Jones was out for a walk with his family along the Ocklawaha River in the Ocala National Forest last Sunday morning when the incident occurred. He was lucky enough to be able to snap the photo at just the right moment.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Bird Dog Of The Day

Whut? I is a bird dog justs getting in touch with her bird sides. Tweet!

This Is Not Paddington Bear! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What do you do when a bear just strolls up and sits next to you?  I'm not sure I'd be able to keep my cool the way this photographer does when he gets a giant, furry surprise visitor to his camp site...

Why Dinosaurs Are Jerks! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What would it be like to have a dinosaur as a pet?  Well, take the temperment of a cat, remove the fur, make it large enough to eat you and you'll get a good idea.  This guy is gonna have his hands full.

A Cat's Prayer

Now I lay me down to nap . . .

Tiny Turtle Tech For Tiny Tots

Computer users are getting younger and younger. A full-size mouse can be hard to handle. This totally fun Turtle Optical Mouse is just the thing for small hands.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Bird Landing Of The Day

I'd better let ther tower knows that I am coming ins for a landing. Waits! Where's ther water?

When Lawyers Go Crazy: A Police Dog's Tale

There are times when the legal system in any country can run off the rails -- sometimes with hilarious results. Attorneys do their best to pull all of the information together with witness reports, evidence, and precedents that might affect the case. In one incident in West Midlands in the U.K. things got somewhat out of hand when the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) kept demanding a witness statement from Officer PC Peach -- a dog.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Cat's Teddy Paw Of The Day

My human was paying bills lasts night and her gots a little crazed and went wilds with ther pen.

Your Moment Of Zen Animal Video Of The Day!!!

If you're having a rough day, take a second to view the bliss of this little cat as he hugs his human.  You'll feel better.  I promise.

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Losing Its Sight

Most dogs with vision loss and blindness experience a gradual loss of vision over time. But for some, the loss of vision can be rapid and sudden. Watch your dog closely to see if he displays any of these signs of vision loss. And if they do, seek immediate veterinary care.

Product Review – Muttstard and Petchup and Meowstard and Catchup

Looking for a product review on Muttstard and Petchup for Dogs or Meowstard and Catchup for Cats? Meet Scribbles the Yorkie and Joy the kitten! The three of us were more than happy to share our thoughts and findings about the kibble condiments.

Jurassic Prank! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What happens when you unleash a dinosaur in the lobby of an office building?  Some pretty freaked out people--and a camera hog of a Jurassic monster.

Own A Moment Frozen In TIme

Insects caught in tree sap are moments frozen in time. You can own a piece of the past with your own Insect In Amber. You may not be able to clone a dinosaur from it, but you will have a nifty souvenir from millions of years ago to add to your rock or fossil collection.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dangerous Dachshund Of The Day

One wrong moves and I will strangle your ankles! With my teefs! Toes are also fair games if you are wearings sandals!

Renegade Emu Flys The Coop As Social Media Fears For His Life

While two jail mates continue to be on the loose after masterminding a prison break in upstate New York, an emu has followed suit in West Michigan. However differing from the Clinton Correctional facility escape, this one doesn’t look like an inside job. Acting on his own, the feathered escapee busted loose from an enclosure outside a Grand Rapids area home owned by Mary Tasma.

T-Rex Invasion Coming To A Pool Near You

Jurassic World can invade your summer just a bit more this year with a totally awesome T-Rex Giant Pool Inflatable Ride-On. It'll be grrrrrreat!