PetsLady's Pick: Cool Witch's Cat Of The Day

Yes, mine human mom is a witch. How coulds you tell?

Chico The Scary Giraffe -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We need to help Chico for Halloween.  What noise does a giraffe make?

Black Cat Project Spotlights Adoptable Black Cats... Because Black Cats Matter!

Black cats spend more time in shelters than their brighter-colored brethren, possibly because they just don't photograph well. The Black Cat Project addresses this issue by allowing adorable, adoptable black cats to look their best while showing off their appealing personalities.

PetsLady's Pick: Extra! Crazy Little Cat Lady Of The Day

They are starting in this addiction younger every year!

Actor Tom Hardy Caught On Camera Cuddling with Bevy Of British Beauties

Tom Hardy has been captured on camera snuggling up to a bevy of British beauties, and it's not for a movie, either. Those "beauties" happen to be dogs...

Name Someone "Cat Mother Of The Year"

Surprise your favorite cat lady with the award of a lifetime (even if it is you) with this cute and funny Cat Mother of the Year Award Mug.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Naughty Chihuahua Of The Day

Ifs you try to dress me in a costumes then ol' Jack heres gets it!

GAH! What Is This?!??! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

If I saw this thing slowly moving toward me... well, let's just say that a change of pants would be in order.

5 Easy DIY Pet Costumes You Could Create In Your Sleep

Need a cute pet costume before Halloween, but don't have much time left? Keep reading for adorable DIY pet costumes!

10 Tips To Protect Your Dog From Freezing Paws

Worried about your dog's paws? Freezing cold and harsh winter elements can injure your canine's feet. So what can be done to protect their pads during walks and playtime in cold weather? Here are 10 tips to protect your dog from freezing paws this winter.



Overweight "Pup" Snares First Class Seat On American Airlines

Sweet, "full-figured" dog seen boarding a flight out of Los Angeles (LAX) on what can only be described as a trolley or handtruck.

The Clooneys Add To Their Growing Family

America may not have royalty to put up on a pedestal, but we do have one couple that comes pretty darn close . . . namely, the Clooneys! And while, Amal Clooney is not in the family-way, per se, the Hollywood couple recently added to growing brood . . . 

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Raccoon Bandit Of The Day

Me ands my friend are heres for Halloween. Gives us all your candies ands nobody gets hurts.

A Halloween Buddy For A Baby Owl! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Everybody needs a buddy--including this little owl named Oakley.  When orphaned, he (she?) needed a pal--and a Halloween owl that dances and sings seems to be a great choice!

Abandoned Dog Taught Sign Language By Deaf Child In Order To Communicate

As heartwarming stories go, this one's a doozy! Read how the meeting of a little girl with a hearing disorder and an abandoned shelter dog changed both their lives forever.

How Scary Is A Troll Cat?

Most of us have never heard of a Troll Cat. So what is it? Well, it is a creature common in old Scandinavian folklore. The cat was reputed to have been created by witches from human hair, nails, wood shavings, and other such items. Once brought to life the cat would suck milk from the teats of cows and steal cream from neighboring households only to bring it back and spit it back out in the witch's milk pail.

For When It Rains Cats And Dogs . . .

With winter fast approaching there will be wet things falling from the sky that you would probably prefer to avoid. With one of these chic Cat Umbrellas and Dog Umbrellas you can keep the rain, snow, sleet, and graupel away.

Rescue & Shelter Dogs Parade Their Support For Mets To Win In World Series

The Mets might have lost the first game of the 2015 World Series by one run on October 27 —  but it certainly wasn’t due to lack of support from its fans . . . namely those of the canine variety. Rescue and shelter dogs, along with pet owners were appropriately dressed in New York Mets garb to parade ceremoniously in Manhattan. This was a celebration to kick-off the start of the World Series . . .

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Halloween Cheerleader Cat Of The Day

Give a cheers! Give a cheers! For ther bats that bring you fears! HA!

Keep Your Pets Safe On Halloween! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I'm not sure if this is an urban myth or reality--but it is always better to err on the side of caution.  This video, while quite flashy and appealing, carries an important message concerning your furry friends during this holiday season: make sure they are safe.