PetsLady's Pick: Funny Bat Cat Of The Day

Na, na, na, na, na, na . . . Mine dad wants me to grows up to be Batman. I'd rathers be Catwoman.

Pit Stops For Pooches At Airports

Many people aren't aware that U.S. airports are required to provide "pet relief areas" to accommodate service animals. These areas are also available to traveling pets. Since the law requiring these areas does not specify how these areas are to be equipped, where they are to be located, or how many are available, they can vary widely.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Veterinary Dog Of The Day

I wants to be a veterinarian when I grows up!

We All Have Our Limits -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We have all had one of those days where we get pummelled from every direction and we feel like giving up.  This cat is a great representation of those days.

Sail On Silver (And Orange) Girl -- A Cat's Life At Sea

When Captain Liz Clark took off to live at sea ten years ago she had had no plans to take on any crew members, much less one with four paws and whiskers. Life had other plans. When she was in French Polynesia she found a stray calico kitten and took her back to the boat for some food and love while she sought a new home for the cat.

PetsLady's Pick: Loving Shelter Cat Of The Day

Is okays Sergeant. I is here for you no matter whats you've been through! Just takes me homes now.

Refugee Dogs Saved From South Korean Dinner Tables, Second Chance: U.S. & Canada

The consideration of dogs as a food product is unfathomable by U.S. standards. The term “dog meat” is deemed unconscionable by most societies. Yet, the practice of butchering canines for human consumption still exists in the 21st century. Unfortunately, dog meat is purchased from farms and consumed as traditional cuisine in various parts of world, including China, Vietnam, Cameroon, Ghana Liberia and South Korea

There's Another Smokey The Bear Now

Move over Smokey the Bear, there's a new cub on the block -- and he's been named after you. Earlier this month a wildfire was raging in Lake County, Florida when firefighters battling the blaze discovered that a bear cub had somehow survived. The little guy was only about two months old and entirely on his own. His paws had burns and his fur was singed. They rescued him and named him Smokey Jr.

Cats: Then Versus Meow -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We don't generally think about how technology affects our pets.  With this in mind, it is interesting to watch the differences in some cat's behaviors when dealing with new tech.  Mouse hunting is very different from the old days...

Pants For Unicorn Riding

You need to have to right pants when you go horseback riding. Those pants depend on whether you are riding English or Western. You also need just the right pants for riding your imaginary unicorn. These Unicorn Yoga Pants are just the right pants to do the job in style.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Unicorn Snake Of The Day

Mine human's little sister gots a hold of me. I thinks she has a bigs problem. At least she didn't try to staple this stupids horn on mine head!

Brazen Octopus Escapes Aquarium

Of all the animals you might imagine escaping from a zoo, sanctuary, or other animal exhibit, an octopus would probably be pretty far down on the list. Sure, it has eight legs, but is lives in water. And yet, earlier this month Inky the Octopus managed to escape from the New Zealand National Aquarium and made it back to the ocean.

Cooling Vests And Harnesses For Dogs During Summer Can Save Lives

Do you know the signs of heatstroke in a dog? If it happened, would you know what to do? Learn the answer to both of these questions and check out the cool pet products that can help you avoid this life-threatening condition all together this summer.

That Is One Strong Bee! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

That blob in the picture is actually visible in the video.  What you're looking at is a bee displaying incredible strength and tenacity--by removing a nail from a wall.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

Some say that there is no dog mafia in this country, but I beg to differ. If there isn't one, then how come there is this cool Dog Father Mug?

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Cart Pool Dogs Of The Day

Mans! I hates ther mornings when I has cart pool. All thats yapping! It woulds be easier ifs I was humans and coulds drink coffee.

A Duck Walks Into A Bar . . .

It is a strange fact of life in Chulmleigh, England, that the local celebrity is a duck that wears a bow tie. The duck is known for waddlin around town and visiting various pubs for a pint. The bird came to blows in a barfight with a dog. It's not something you see every day, or any day. The duck lost the argument but saved his beak -- barely.

Pet Fashion: Putting On The Glitz With Pet Fashion Designers Like Anthony Rubio

Tired of the same old doggy sweaters or cat tiaras? Pet fashion has come a long way since DIYers started sewing their own pet threads at home. Now there's a whole designer fashion market for pet fashions that even celebrities are interested in. Find out who they are and what they're wearing. With designer duds like these, your pet will never look back.

He's The Guardian Of The Galaxy To Animals Left Behind

When a tsunami hit the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan in March of 2011 the result was a huge evacuation of the area and human suffering. The untold part of the story was that many animals were left behind -- abandoned to fend for themselves. Then one man, Naoto Matsumura, went back after the evacuation to retrieve his own animals and decided that he needed to try to save them all.

What Cats Really Do When We're Not Looking -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Cats play their cards close to the paws.  We have no idea what they do when when we're not around.  I'm pretty sure that my kitty just sleeps... but after seeing this video, I'm not so sure.