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Just Carrots For Me, Thanks. The Casual Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Ah, to live among the rich.  To recline in comfort and eat with leisure and (dare I say it?) disdain.  "Only carrots for me!" says this sloth.

Pet Candy Of The Day #20115

Check out PetsLady's Pet Candy Of The Day where we feed you daily motivation with a healthy scoop of cute animals.

Elephant Butt Brings Happiness And Light

Who knew that happiness and light could come out of an elephant's butt? Apparently it can with an Elephant's Rear End Light Switch Cover!

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Punxsutawney Phil Pic Of The Day

Happy Ground Hog Day! Yep, every year it is the same thing. I wake up to take a leak and they make a party of it. Humans are so strange!

Dear Kitten: The Superbowl Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What would the Superbowl be without excellent commercials.  In this case we are privvy to what cats think this annual grid iron battle really is.  And this opinion is hilarious!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Water Buffalo Tending Dog Of The Day

I should have taked the "water" part of water buffalo more seriously. Now what does I do?

The Squeaky Frog Animal Video Of The Day!!!

When I first saw this little critter my reaction was a simple "What the hell is that?!?!?"  Then it squeaked...

Spiders On Drugs! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

For all of you out there that are terrified of spiders... well, if they're all doped up you have nothing to worry about.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Jell-O Hamster Of The Day

I is the poster hamster for my human mom's book so I thought I'd learns to cook.

Pet Cremation Urn Keeper Beautifully Memorializes Your Late Pet

The Pet Cremation Urn Keeper from Petcoti is a beautiful and respectful way to memorialize your dear departed pet. Designed to hold a small urn containing Fifi or Fido's ashes, the house-shaped and house-friendly “tomb” can be personalized with a photo and inscription.

Add Cloud Dancer To Your Stable

Cloud Dancer is one of the most cuddly horses ever and will be the star of your stuffed animal collection or your horse collection.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Ballet Kitten Of The Day

Today would have been my late mother's birthday. This kitten is for you, Mom, and all those ballet lessons you made me take.

Taking The Cat For A Walk? Think Again. The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I'm about to tackle this with my little cat, Princess Leia.  I can only hope the results will be a bit more... interactive.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Bicycling Dog Of The Day

There are different ways to live your dreams. It's all in how you look at it.

Check Out The Images That This R/C Plane Catches In The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Though I've not yet done it, flying Remote Controlled (R/C) planes has always interested me.  What I didn't know was how long a camera mounted to one of these craft would last when it crashes in water...

10 Horses That Do Yoga Better Than You

I've seen several posts around the web on cats doing yoga. I thought the idea was adorable and witty. Did you know there are now even calendars and postcards of cats doing yoga? It got me wondering why there were no articles or calendars of horses doing yoga?

PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool Snowy Horse Of The Day

I is not only showy but snowy. HA!

Slow Down Your Spending With A Snail Coin Purse

Coin purses are a dime a dozen, so it is really great when you find one that stands out from the crowd. This cute Leather Snail Change Purse certainly fits that bill!

This Dog Has Super Powers! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

That post-modern looking image is actually a video capture of a dog doing something so fast and amazing that it blew me away!

14 Dogs That Will Totally Melt Your Heart On Valentine's Day

There is nothing as pure and uncomplicated as the love of a dog. And in the spirit of celebrating love, I wanted to share with you some of the cutest, most adorable pictures of Valentine's Day Dogs I found by scouring the web.

Here are my picks for the 14 Cutest, Most Adorable Valentine's Day Dogs that will surely melt your heart: 

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