PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool American Eagles Of The Day

Hey, Sam, did you see that hair on Donald Trump? My wife wants me to snatch it so that she can remodel our nest.

Local Hero With PTSD Awarded Service Pit Bull

Meet Petty Officer First Class Robert "Smokey" Adams and his new companion, a three-year-old, specially-trained Pitt Bull mix named Malec. Together they battle the tormented world of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Father's Day Felines Of The Day

"Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I loves you! Here's somes nose and whisker kisses for you!"

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Chess-Playing Dogs Of The Day

With moves likes that you is so goings to lose, Jasper!

First Mammal To Go Extinct Is A Rat & No, It’s NOT Donald Trump!

As much as naysayers would like to continue critiquing ‘climate change’ as a conspiracy theory, this week the world is witness to an unfortunate milestone. According to recent scientific studies, climate change has claimed its first victim in the mammal species. And no, this particular victim is not a political animal — as many might favor. This mammal is an “adorable rodent” according to The Guardian known as the the Bramble Cay melomys. 

This Dog Saved A Soldier And Gained A Forever Family -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Not all soldiers have two legs.  This dog, and the man that adopted her, are heroes and should be treated and recognized as such.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Ugly Dog Of The Day

I has turned ugly into an art form. I is mine own masterpiece.

Seattle Barkery Has Gone To The Dogs

Have you ever taken your dog to the park and forgot to pack treats?  Or perhaps, it’s a special occasion and you’d like to personalize a birthday cake for your furry four-legged pal. Purchasing edibles from mobile vendors found in most green acre recreational areas don’t usually fit the bill, unless . . .

Two Purple Hearts For Hero Solider and His Military Dog

Meet Andrew Brown of the 89th Military Police Brigade and his 'comrade-in-paws', Sergeant Rocky, two brave veterans who served side by side in the war in Afghanistan.

What Is This Bird Doing? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

The image you see is a blurry freeze frame of a bird.  Yeah, he looks like a little blob (or a UFO)--but when you see the video, you'll understand that he is having a great time.

Automatic Ball Launchers For Dogs Keep Canines Happy And Active

Interactive toys or what are sometimes called science toys are a great way to maintain your dog’s mental and physical health. Consider getting an automated ball launcher like the one Buddy the rescue dog plays with. (VIDEO)

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Horse Pals Of The Day

Hai! Don't minds us! We is just horsing arounds! HA!

Surfing Dolphins! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

In this world we are sometimes overwhelmed by horrible, ugly events.  It can become difficult to remember how much beauty exists amid all of this.  This video is a great example of pure joy.  If you need a pick-me-up, this is worth a glance.

Vegan Angel Rescues Supermarket Lobster, Returns It To The Sea

A Canadian vegan from Red Lake, Ontario who usually passes by the seafood section in her local supermarket made an exception one day. What she did next will bring tears to your eyes.

PetsLady's Pick: Sweet Bambi Of The Day

I don't knows why, but I haves this urge to makes friends with a bunny and a li'l skunk.

What Is Chasing This Dog? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I've seen many examples of animal friendship, but this one hits a new high in oddness.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Patriotic Squirrel Of The Day

Theres! Mine flag is up for Flag Dag. I shall salutes it with three shakes of my tail.

Hilarious Pet Tweets Of The Week 160613

Cats and dogs may not be able to talk, but their owners sure do. Read these tweets to see what Twitter’s funniest pet parents have to say about their furry four-legged companions.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Moustache Cat Of The Day

I don't knows. Do you thinks I look goods in a moustache?

There's A Dead Horse In Your Yard! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

A woman gets a call from an electrical contractor stating that there is a dead horse in her yard.  She knows better...