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Adopting a New Cat: Six Tips For Surviving The First Thirty Days

Survivng the first thirty days after bringing home a new cat doesn't have to be a trial and error experience. Ultimately, a good plan will mean survival for both owner and cat. Read on for some details on what to do and what not to do.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Mer-Hamster Of The Day

Hey! This isn't the county fair. I knows you hoomins think this funny -- but I looks darns good!

Japan Opens The First Home For Elderly Dogs

Caring for an elderly pet can be a wonderful and heartwarming experience. However, it is not one that everyone can handle emotionally. It is hard watching your old friend get old, infirm, and struggle. Now there is an answer -- if you've got serious bucks and live in Japan. There one business has opened as a "nursing" home for dogs.

Elephants Help Baby Elephant Cross River -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Elephants show many human-like emotions.  Watch as these grown-ups help a little calf cross the rushing waters of this river...

Metal Cat Cooling Pot Helps Kitty Chill Out So Summer Won't Be A Bummer

The “Cooling Aluminium Kitty-Cat Pot” is a simple pet-chilling device that has no moving parts... except your cat. The manufacturer may have hit the jackpot with this cool cat pot as the heat-absorbing dish is a sold-out smash hit!

Channel Your Inner Kitty With Cat Mask Sun-Staches Glasses

Are you one cool cat? Are you one cute kitty? Then it is time to display your true whickers with Cat Mask Sun-Staches Glasses. You will really be able to channel your inner felines. . . er . . . feelings and yawn in someone's face more easily.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Cat Diner Of The Day

Dude, don't Bogart the food! By the way -- that's my food dish.

APEril and Chuck -- The Cute Animal Video of the Day!!!

This cat ((Up) Chuck) has some serious patience when dealing with his buddy, the little gibbon named APEril.  While you can tell the gibbon loves the cat... well, trying to eat her is just funny.

World Cup 2014 Has Gone To The Dogs!

Must say. . . professional futbol players have an age-old tradition of conducting themselves in a very gentleman-like fashion. As evidenced at this year's World Cup in Brazil, if one player trips or elbows another and causes him to take a fall, you'll often see them helping their opponents back onto their feet, or rubbing their head, or apologizing by offering a handshake.

Introducing Princess Leia (or) How Easy it is to Adopt a Little Friend -- Part 3

So, after 16 years of having a big floppy cat, I now have a kitten.  I had forgotten how much energy and chaos comes with this tiny ball of fluff and razor claws.  Silly me.

This Is Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Having a dog can mean having wet, dirty messes when they come in from playing outside. One way to deal with the mess is a Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat.

PetsLady's Pick: Gorgeous Clownfish of the Day

Dang! I've gotten lost again! They need to change my name from Nemo to Oh No! At least I am really looking good!

You Think You're Safe? The Alligator Climbing a Fence Animal Video of the Day!!!

Welcome to my home state of Florida.  Sure, we have lots of sunshine, great theme parks, and the beach.  But we also have this.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Thirsty Dog Of The Day

Wow! This is the coolest water dish ever! Is just a leeeeetle too tall. Why's they do that?

Return of the Dinosaur Prank! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm a fan of a good prank.  I'm also a fan of dinosaurs.  Combine those two elements and you've caught me.  These guys do a pretty good job of startling the hell out of people.  And some of the reactions a quite funny.

PetsLady's Pick: Adorable Elephant Of The Day

Mom's been watching "Dumbo" again and thinks I should be able to fly. I don't think my ears are THAT big, but I keep trying. Mom may be nuts, but I still love her!

Houdini Horse! The Escape Artist Animal Video of the Day!!!

Meet Mariska--a very smart horse that kept disappearing.  Her owners decided to video her movements--and this is what they found.

Christmas in July: Grumpy Cat Gets A Movie Deal

If ever an animal symbolized the "bah, humbug" concept associated with the holidays, it is Grumpy Cat. Whoever would have thought that such a cat would get her  own Lifetime movie deal? Read on or the latest on this up-and-coming  holiday film project.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Catzilla Of The Day

Catzilla, having destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge and razing much of Manhattan, heads off across the American countryside. He stops in the Midwest for a snack, terrorizing the locals.

Tiger and Dogs Playing Together! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This unlikely trio seems to be having fun.  That tiger has the capacity to really go nuts on these dogs--but doesn't.  Instead she just hangs out like a giant kitty.

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