Hey little dude! We is really doin' this summer thing rights! I loves you man! *kiss*

This is the story of a German Shepherd named Rico, who served more than 240 missions and the  family who loved hm.

What if you could shape shift or become a Game of Throne's warg at will? Imagine the animals you could be and the experiences you'd come to know.

If there is one thing about dachshunds it is that the breed has inspired a number of nicknames. They range from lowrider to hot dog to wiener.

This floatings thing is nots as relaxing as it lookeds. I keeps going tail ups!

While lawmakers, right wingers and isolationists might all be applauding
their decision to leave the European Union, it’s possible that

Fame always comes with a price.  In this case an aggravated fan attacks Barney the Dinosaur and the brawl is city-wide.  The word "epic" comes to mind...

You likes ketchup on your peanuts? Ew! Mustards maybe, but nots ketchup!