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PetsLady's Pick: Funny Rain Dog Of The Day

Hmmmm. April showers is pretty tasty. No wonders the flowers like thems.

Never Mess With A Sexy Turtle! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Those of you with kids know how this turtle feels.  You put on the Barry White CD... candles... roses... a nice bottle of wine...  And then this guy shows up.

A Little Lamb To Cuddle Your Little Lamb

Many toddlers call their blankets "ba-bas." You can make that seem like it is making a lot more sense if you get your little one a Cuddle Bud Blankie Lamb. This adorable toy combines the plush toy and blankie into one very special and cuddly friend.

PetsLady's Pick: Goose That Laid The Golden Photo Bomb Of The Day

Hai! Could I interests you in a group insurance policy for your poultry?

This Dog Is Quite Ticklish! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I'm a very ticklish person.  But, when tickled, I tend to just writhe around and laugh like an idiot.  Actually, I do that even when not tickled... but that's not the point.  This little dog is quite methodical in her reaction to that perfect scratching spot on her back...

Cock Of The Walk, Or How Did The Chicken Cross The Sea?

The chickens of Hawaii are a very hardy breed, dissimilar to any that have made their way to your dining room table. While domestic chickens on the mainland no longer resemble their ancient ancestors, those that reside on the Hawaiian islands are a different story. The Red Junglefowl — the chicken's closest living relative — is believed to have been introduced to Hawaii by Polynesians centuries ago.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Balcony Cats Of The Day

We knows this looks strange, but everyones should turn their window box into a cat balcony.

Cram That Food In! The Chipmunk Animal Video Of The Day!!!

There is a little part of me that wishes that humans ate the way chipmunks and squirrels do.  While conversation would decrease, just the sheer visual spectacle of dinner with friends and family would make up for it.

Pompous Albert: The Latest Internet Sensation?

It looks like Grumpy Cat has some new competition and Colonel Meow has a successor. Meet Pompous Albert, a cat from Salt Lake City, Utah, who also looks like he may have designs on taking over the world and enslaving us all. In addition to his permanent frown, he is blessed with somewhat curly, tufted fur that comes from being a Selkirk Rex breed of cat. It is because of his wild gray-white locks that he was named for Albert Einstein.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Cup Of Pup Of The Day

Yup. There is nothing like a cup of pup for good health and a happy life.

Surfing With Dolphins! The Cool Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This is how life on Earth should be.  Dolphins and humans sharing the same space and (for the most part) enjoying the same activity.  Videos such as this give me hope.

The Easiest Way For Your Kids To Swim With A Sea Turtle

Sea turtles are one of the most beloved creatures in the ocean. It would be lovely to swim along with them as they go about their turtle-y business. Well, one can dream -- and that dream would be so much easier with a Plush Sea Turtle around.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Arguing Birds Of The Day

Why do you always waits until we are in public to start an argument?

Invasive Species: But It's Just A Goldfish!

Invasive species are a serious threat to wildlife in the U.S. and easily a problem that you think of as being something that happens in other places, not where you live. That's why I was shocked to find that ponds in my hometown have been hit with a huge invasion -- of goldfish. Okay, we aren't talking about the little guys you keep in a bowl. These are the big ornamental koi that people buy for their home ponds.

Nope. No. No Way. Noooooope! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

From what I can gather, crocodiles make alligators look tame.  I've had plenty of alligator encounters--enough to know that what this guy does with this crocodile is... unwise at best.

Safari Puzzle Blocks Are Child's Play

If you want your child's toys to do double duty, then Safari Puzzle Blocks are just the thing. They fit together as a puzzle and work as playing blocks when they are apart. It is designed to exercise your child's mind with creative play.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Backside Cat Of The Day

"I like big butts and I cannot lie. . ." Dis horsey baby got back!

This Cat Loves A Good Shower! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Cats are so odd.  Like people (and dogs, horses, etc.), each cat has his/her own personality.  And sometimes these personalities break the stereotype barrier.

Make Your Coffee Good To The Last Croc

There are days when coffee alone is not enough to really help wake you up. But if you have your java in a Crocodile Creature Cup you can back up the caffeine with a jolt of adrenaline. It comes when you drink far enough down to find yourself face to face with a croc while you are still half asleep!

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Gardening Dog Of The Day

Okays! Spring is heres! Time to plant the peas!