PetsLady's Pick: Cute Fireside Puppy Of The Day

Ahhhhhh! Ther only goods thing abouts cold weathers is napping by ther fire!

A Day In The Life Of A Duck -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

The life of a duckling is hard.  Chasing "Mom," sleeping with the cat...  Oh, the travesty.  Oh, the horror.

Actually, this is really sweet...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Autumn Chipmunk Of The Day

I founds it! I founds it! I founds ther mother lode. Sunflower seeds for lifes. Okays. Maybe justs for ther winter.

Carnivorous Caterpillars! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Check out that picture.  Pretty creepy, eh?  Well, just wait until you see it moving...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Basket Cat Of The Day

I swears that it is goings to snow at any moments. I justs need to convince ther birds to comes home with me.

What If You Were Swallowed By A Whale? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Being swallowed by a whale is not something that often crosses my mind.  Who am I kidding?  It's never crossed my mind.  I'm more worried about sharks.  But, I suppose it is something that could happen...

Sleeping With Pets: Is There Really Anything Wrong With It? The Pros And Cons

Sleeping with pets, should you or shouldn't you? There are a lot of pros and cons to sleeping with your pets. Find out just how bad or good for you it can really be right here.

And The Winners Are.... 13 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

With so many beneficial goals for wildlife welfare, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards celebrates its first year by announcing the winners of its first competition, a lucky 13 photographs of the 1,502 submitted by photographers from 54 countries.  This wild European hamster, captured by camera 'in flight,' won the top prize for Austrian photographer Julian Rad.  Wow!  Read on to catch the other 12 hilarious winners!

Have A Hermit Crab For Christmas

There is nothing like having a special Christmas tree in your home. Sometimes that means having a few unusual ornaments. This fun Hermit Crab Ornament will definitely fit the bill this holiday season.

PetsLady's Pick: Handsome Hunting Dogs Of The Day

Shhhh. Be very, very quiets. We is hunting wabbits. What? What birds?

Epic Cat Fails! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Cats are often described as graceful creatures.  This video puts that description to the test... big time.  If you need something to brighten your day and love (or hate) cats, you will enjoy this...

Dog Sweaters: Fun or Function?

Besides the playful side of the animal fashion trend, are dog coats really necessary? Depending on the breed of dog and where you live, yes, dog sweaters or dog clothes can be very much necessary.

When Dogs Go Kayaking

It's not that seeing dogs in a kayak is all that rare or surprising. It's that they don't usually have seats of their own. Instead they normally squeeze in with their human, which can get a little awkward. So when retired surgeon David Bahnson wanted to add Susie to the jaunts that he and his wife Linda would take on the water he sacrificed some cargo space in the kayak to add a seat for the dog.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Hoarding Squirrel Of The Day

Mmmmmm! This sniffs really goods! I wonders how many I can hides before ther other squirrels finds these?

Mythical Creatures That Were Real! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Were (are) dragons real?  What about giant centipedes?  This video displays some interesting evidence that these creatures actually did exist.

Dogs On Deployment Provides Pet Foster Care For Deployed Vets

Programs like Dogs on Deployment and other groups like them help service members find volunteer “foster parents” who are willing to board their pets while they’re fulfilling their military commitments. That’s where you come in . . .

PetsLady's Pick: Remembering Animal Veterans Of The Day

None were so brave as those who served without choice.

You Cat's Own Laptop

There are times when it just seems that your cat just wants to get you away from your laptop so they can have it for itself. So why not get your cat its own computer with the Laptop Cat Scratching Pad. Then you can type on yours and he or she can scratch away on theirs.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Leaf Cat Of The Day

Oh, no! There is somfings under ther leaves. It's alive! It's alive!

The Bird Eating Spider -- The "Egad!" Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Spiders usually don't bother me.  But this arachnid is just plain scary!  Take a look of the size of this magnificent creature--if you've got the guts!