Kwanzaa is a holiday celebration of African heritage and culture that lasts for 7 days and embodies 7 core principles illustrated here by 7 Kwanzaa-tastic critters.

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Whether you're looking for a gift for your cat (or dog) or a gift to give a pet owner, Prime Pet Boxes are gifts that everyone will enjoy.

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This is the second blog in my series of animal Christmas miracle stories.

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Oooooo. Shiny!  *bat, bat, bat* Wow! It was so sweet of Mom and Dad to give me a tree to climb with all sorts of shiny things on it!

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Whoever would think that rats, the rodents of many a nightmare, could ever save a human life, much less many lives?  Well, seeing is believing, and both require reading the article that follows, wh

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Regardless of the time of year, walking your dog at night can be dangerous when you're relatively unseen in the dark. Now there's a glowing solution getting glowing reviews. (VIDEO)

The classic Christmas photo shoot featuring klutzy kids climbing onto Santa's knee doesn't always go well.

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*plink, plink" I'm learning to accompany myself on the piano while I sing the dreidel song. I'm just about there!