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In those few precious months before baby needs real shoes for walking, get creative with his or her footwear. They'll look just ducky!

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On May 22 the Ohio law covering vicious dogs was changed to remove the specific reference to pit bulls.

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As pets go, snakes are growing in popularity.  You can buy them at snake shows, over the internet, at pet shops and, unfortunately, even through some underground snake selling networks.  The ration

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Two hundred years ago much of Colorado was inhabited by large herds of American bison, more commonly referred to as buffalo, including the Boulder Valley.

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Animals have been serving beside humans
in times of war since before Hannibal crossed the Alps with his
elephants. Throughout history animals have worked as guards, weapons,

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Since the world-famous novelist Dan Brown is well known for blending
fact and fiction, readers are always on guard in trying to separate

A pair of snow white deer spotted in a London, Ontario backyard brightened up one homeowner's morning and, if folk legends can believed, just may have brought him good luck.

Posted by Christine Mouser

Pennsylvania law currently allows residents to possess wild animals with the purchase of a permit. But a newly proposed bill could change all of that.