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This pleasingly plump penguin makes a delightful pendant to adorn that perfect outfit.

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Two million baby eels were rescued on Sunday by officials in the Philippines. They were hidden in water-filled plastic bags inside of 46 boxes.

Brazil's new eight-story canine love hotel, Animalle Mundo Pet, aims to cater to those for whom the only style is doggy style.

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I'm pretty sure by now that everyone in the world has seen Jurassic Park.  And by everybody, I also mean animals.  It certainly appears that this elephant's favorite scene in that movie invo

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Looking to go on vacation with your pet? Finding the right pet friendly hotel is a must. If your dog isn't receiving first class service, he's not getting the treatment he deserves.

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You will capture others in your web of style with this great Spider-Man Tie-Dye t-shirt.

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Thousands of native animals are killed by vehicles every year as they
cross the world's roads, which often run right through their natural

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The most dangerous animals in America are not among the usual suspects, according to a recently released report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).