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Who would have thought that a rubber snake on a string would cause so much fun?  I'm guilty of pranks such as this (both on the giving and receiving end--a buddy scared the hell out of me with a gi

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The birds that furnish us with our favorite Thanksgiving meal don't have the greatest reputation for being very smart. What is the the truth behind this and other turkey myths?

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PetSmart is having their Pre-Black Friday sale with 75% off on their

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If you have plans to go hiking with dogs, there are a few necessities to consider. Here are 6 dog hiking gear essentials so you and your dog will be well prepared for a good hike.

Animals made of fruit! A sea horse's strange romance! Flaming leopards!

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A pair of gray seal pups on the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland in England, is suspected of being the first ever twins born to a gray seal mother in the wild.

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PetSmart iis having their Pre-Black Friday sales with 75% off on their special item of the day.

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I like cute butts (and I cannot lie.) When it comes to adorable animals, big eyes and floppy ears go a long way, but wagging tails are also part of the charm.