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Gidget the sea lion was born at the Denver Zoo 27 years ago.

Gorgeous curly-haired Selkirk Rex cats have been found to be genetically distinct from previously known curly-coated breeds.

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Okay, so this isn't really a product designed to help stop a baby from crying.  But it is effective...

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Beautiful colors and a gorgeous design make this Tiffany Style cat vase a stunning addition to any cat lover's decor!

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Booger, Kitty, and Mousie, along with their owner, Greg Pike, were well known among the buskers along the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.

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The coelacanth is a fish that is also called the "living fossil" lives deep in the Indian Ocean. The fish has remained virtually unchanged for more than 400 million years.

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Koshik is not the only elephant who can mimic sounds, but he's the first elephant on record who has developed a way to actually mimic the pronunciation of words spoken by his human trainers.

Marty, the 3-year-old cat who inspired Chris Torres to create the popular Internet phenomenon Nyan Cat has made the move from meme to memory.