Wonman Kim creates varied artwork involving animals using some unusual methods.

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Sunday saw the vehicle bay of the Millville, New Jersey Rescue Squad became a veterinary operating theater as a spay and neuter clinic sponsored by the Animal Friends Foundation was open for busine

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We all know that dolphins are incredibly intelligent. But just how smart are they? Beyond the amazing tricks and cute faces, they can sometimes be just as clever as humans.

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In Guam, there has been a huge population boom for spiders. The reasons behind this sudden overflow of arachnids make the story even creepier...

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Leopards are beautiful cats that once ranged over most of the eastern hemisphere.

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I'm just going to apologize ahead of time for this one.  But... this is one of those things that you just really never think about.  And to have it demonstrated in such a dramatic manner...

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Adorable glass dog and cat trays are great for serving or for decorating!

Experienced sculptor Chrissy Mahuna creates incredible creatures that are equal parts statuesque and soft to the touch.