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Scientists working in the fields of genetic engineering and synthetic biology have been looking for a way to mass produce the proteins that make up spider webs.

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We adore our dogs, and one of our favorite ways to demonstrate that love to them is through the food they love.  Couple that with the fact that many dogs are experts at looking pitifully hungry, an

An odd Atlantic Lobster is a crustacean sensation after surprising fishermen with its fully functional extra snapper.

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With this toaster you can add dog paw prints to your favorite toasted treat!

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An owl is an unusual pet, but Florence Nightingale kept one that she had rescued from the Parthenon in Athens. She travelled with it in her pocket.

Nelson, a newborn Kea parrot rejected by his parents upon hatching, has been described as looking like “a cross between a roast chicken and an alien.”

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Despite costing as much as several thousand dollars a pound, the demand for swiftlet nests to make the traditional Chinese bird's nest soup is taking its toll on swiftlet populations and habitat.

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Dogs have been subjects of laboratory research for a long time, sometimes in studies that were harmful to them.  But neuroscientist Greg Berns from Emory University doesn't want to harm dogs; he an