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Even though the giraffe is an ungulate, which includes over 250 species, it is probably one of the most unique of the family. For starters, the giraffe is the largest land mammal on the planet.

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Skip the star or the angel this year and try this dog Christmas tree topper

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If your dog is biting himself, or licking and scratching himself, it's important to get the problem taken care of quickly. Here are some things to try in the case of dog self-mutilation.

Cartoon and animal character artist Liz Climo creates fun comics based on the weird and wonderful world of animals.

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It's the cats, the clothing, the photography, the artistry you will love
and they will make this calendar a keeper long after its 'usefulness'

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While Darwin's theory of 'survival of the fittest' was first conceived
on the Galápagos Islands back in 1835, it's somewhat ironic that the

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Humans have been creating and believing in mythological creatures for centuries.

These 12 stupid gifts for dogs & cats are only good for one thing – re-gifting – though those considering it should do so at their own peril.