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Angele Lazurko and Matthew Arbour of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, are facing animal cruelty charges after they left Lazurko's chocolate lab mix locked in a hot car.

A pink-skinned, nearly hairless creature spotted roaming the streets of Xinxiang had locals wondering if the result of a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong had escaped from a nearby medical res

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After months of watching, making introductions, and research, the
Smithsonian National Zoo welcomed its first pair of fishing cat

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What is now the third largest wildfire in Colorado history, the High Park fire has displaced many pets, a large amount of livestock, and even wolves.

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What does a boxer pup do when she meets a herd of cows for the first
time?  You'll find out what this smart dog did in the following video 1
minute video....

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Give dad a gift he'll never expect with these funny Animal Clothes Hangers this Father's Day. Everyone will be laughing!

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We don't see much about dingos in the news, but by now you've probably
read that a long-unsolved mystery of the disappearance of an infant has

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