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If you think you cannot afford pet insurance, there is a lower-cost alternative that may be a good fit for you and your pet.  This alternative provides coverage for extremely high and unaffordable

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When you wake up to birds singing in the morning, you know two things:
one, it's spring, and two, those birds are having a good time! 

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If parrots and wine are what you are into, combine your passions with these great wine bottle holders..

“Adidog” hoodie athletic vests & onesies kick your pup's wardrobe into high gear!

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Animal communication is one of the most non-traditional ways of solving
your pet's behavior problems, never-mind resolving illnesses, but people

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professors at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have led us one
giant step closer to learning about how pigeons, and perhaps other birds

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The websites and, created in 2008, have been feeding homeless cats and dogs. To date, they have provided more than seven million meals for these animals.

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Cats have permanently found a new home on YouTube, blogs and social networks. Type "lolcat"
(aka "laugh-out-loud-cat") into Google Images and over 5 million