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On June 13 a young harbor seal was rescued at South Mission Beach in San Diego.

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Okay, I'll confess that I've had some drunken nights that may have ended with me doing something like this little mini dachshund puppy...  I just don't remember them.  Somebody needs to video me th

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Watching the jellyfish swim in this beautiful LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp can be wonderfully relaxing.

Zoo managers have tried to strike a balance between nanny-like scolding and gentle chiding to keep visitors on their best behavior.

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Professor Meowingtons, pHd. has had a pair of headphones made just for him by Sol Republic, makers of headphones extraordinaires. Why? To block out the sounds of dogs, of course.

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Trying to potty train your pet and having troubles with urine stains or odors? Keep reading to learn what to do about urine and stinky dog and cat smells.

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Early this month a pair of lions, Aru and Aketi, at the zoo in Berlin were found foaming at the mouth and critically ill. They developed stomach pains from colic that left them crying in distress.

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It's the sort of fish story that Jan Bailey, of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, will be telling for a long time to come. She saw a tropical fish drop from a cedar tree in her back yard.