Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Last month two hikers, a man and woman, from Broomfield, Colorado and their dogs found themselves in quite a quandary while hiking Mount Quandary.

Posted by John P. Barker

I don't know about you, but I love a good massage.  And it looks like this little furry buddy would do a fantastic job on my sore neck...

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

A growing cluster of influenza cases in Ohio and Indiana have been traced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to pigs on display at agricultural fairs.

Posted by Savanna Y Lujan

As wonderful as cats are, their litter often isn't. Sometimes it seems like, no matter what you do, you just can't get rid of that awful litter smell.

Posted by Myra Per-Lee

Swine shows are continuing at state fairs this year, but fair-goers are
warned not to pet the pigs; swine flu is back. This is what the

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Two piranhas have been caught in the Evros River along the border between Greece and Turkey. On July 31 a Turkish fisherman caught an 18-inch piranha in the river, which started the mystery.

Posted by Kitty Devine

This is one cat that no one will mind having on the table because the Stained Glass Cat Lovers Table Lamp is just so cute!

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Truffles are one of the most expensive and sought after delicacies in the world. It is the fruit of a subterranean mushroom that takes years to produce and that are difficult to farm.