Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

The current law in Arkansas is that you can capture up to six deer and
keep them as pets. As of July 1, 2012, that will no longer be the case

Russian President (and dog-lover) Vladimir Putin is welcoming a new pet: a two-month-old Japanese Akita puppy of the same breed as the famous Hachiko!

Posted by Amanda Dickens

Australian Parliament introduces new legislation to restrict hunters from inflicting unreasonable pain on the dugong. Here's more about the dugong and this legislation.

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If there is one thing humans envy about cats, it is their amazing ability to relax and doze off at any time in any place, no matter how strange or uncomfortable looking.

A joint effort by Israeli and Palestinian scientists to uncover the source of a unique, fast-spreading MRSA “superbug” in Gaza has led to an unusual suspect: the many domestic and feral cats who ca

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Known as one of the smartest animals in the world, we just may find out how smart dolphins are if we could just understand what they are saying!  A new device called a Piezoelectric Underwater Spea

Posted by Kitty Devine

This Fourth of July you may want to display your patriotic spirit, but hanging out Old Glory may not quire suit your style. These cute Patriotic Garden Flags by Toland are the answer.

Posted by Ron Callari

Here's a staggering statistic: About 1.4 million owners take some 2.3 million dogs to work every day, according to an American Pet Products Association survey last year.