Here’s a bit of happy news to brighten up your day: Leanne, a 9-year old Sumatran tiger, gave birth to a healthy cub on February 16th at the San Francisco Zoo. While keepers won’t know the sex of the baby tiger for two more weeks, they are content to call the little orange fuzzball “Baby” until then. Leanne’s pregnancy was especially unique, as she was able to receive an ultrasound procedure without having to be sedated.

This was the first tiger to be born at the zoo since 2008, and while this story is naturally heartwarming to begin with, the baby is an especially welcome addition to the zoo, since ecologists estimate that there are approximately 400 Sumatran tigers in the wild, and about 75 more living in captivity across the United States. Don’t be a huge rush to see the tiny tiger in person just yet, the zoo is giving Leanne and her new cub at least a month of privacy from the public. Until then, enjoy this cute video of Leanne celebrating the Lunar New Year in 2010!  


Source: The Christian Science Monitor