Everyone knows someone who is crazy about their dog and will dress them
up in cute little (or strange little) outfits. Then there are the
insane cat ladies. Now there is the tortoise addict and her inclination
to crochet little sweaters or "cozies" for her reptilian pals. Not only
that, she also makes them for sale. She donates 10% of the proceeds to
International Reptile Rescue to help out her cold-blooded friends.

 Turtle Sweater (You Tube Image)Turtle Sweater (You Tube Image)

While the sweaters will keep your turtle warm and cozy, on those days when you want to let it have some time to roam in the yard outside, the colorful garb will make it easier to find when it is time to come in again. Each of the tiny tunics are handmade, original designs. They are shown-off here by the designer's own stable of tortoise models.

 Turtle Stegosaurus Sweater (You Tube Image)Turtle Stegosaurus Sweater (You Tube Image)

Katie Bradley started making the diminutive garments for her own four rescue tortoises -- three Russian (Jill, Mila and Timmy) and one Greek (Boo). You can follow her adventures of being a tortoise mom on her blog: www.tortaddiction.blogspot.com

Turtle Flower Sweater (Photo from Mossy Tortoise by Katie Bradley)Turtle Flower Sweater (Photo from Mossy Tortoise by Katie Bradley)

The sweaters come in a number of designs, including flowers, pumpkins, and a propeller. Bradley sells the designs in her Etsy Shop. The Mossy Tortoise also features her artwork of turtles, tortoises, and geckos.


Strangely enough, none of the sweaters appear to be turtlenecks.  There is no word on whether or not they protect against shell shock.

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