Do you enjoy organizing wedding and baby showers? Do you have a knack for pulling off a great birthday celebration? Did you volunteer to run the neighborhood block party? You know who you are. If you also love pets and pet-lovers, I think I'd like to hire you as my pet party planner.

A Pet Party?

Apparently, pet parties are not that uncommon. A survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (AAPMA) found that 6 percent of dog owners and 3 percent of cat owners have held some type of party for their pet.

Who knew pets were party animals? But why not? Your dog likes meeting new friends, engaging in fun activities, indulging in yummy treats, and being the center of attention. Who wouldn't?
But there's a lot to consider when planning a celebration when the guests are on 4 feet.  Hello. Does that sound like an opportunity? Yes it does if you love pets, people and planning. And parties.

Details, Details, and Details

I'm not a party planner. There are always 1 or 2 major details that I forget completely, and several that I forget until the very last minute. That's why I would hire a professional to plan my pet party. As that pet party planner you would need to

Find an appropriate venue. Will it be hosted by the pet owner? Do you have an appropriate and safe place for parties? Is there a doggie day care facility that would rent it out for an evening? How about a nearby park?

Check the guest list. You need to make sure the guests are compatible.  Perhaps restrict the guests to a certain size or age. How about a puppy free-for-all or a low-key geriatric schmooze and snooze. Recommend that unneutered males stay home, as well as females in heat. Request an RSVP so you know what you have to deal with.

Consider Food and Entertainment. Will it be a bring-your-own food affair? Or perhaps the owner prefers a sit-down dinner. If so, check for special diets, and make it BYOB (Bring Your Own Bowl). Perhaps just pupperoni hors d'ouvres or homemade dog biscuits. For activities, typically the dogs will find ways to entertain themselves. Your job will be to supervise. If you want some organized activities, tennis balls and Frisbees are great accessories. You could add a competitive element by testing which dog can sit-stay the longest or who has the best trick.

Pet Party Ideas

This is where your creativity really comes in. Here are a couple of ideas to jumpstart you:
•    Puppy shower--Register at PetSmart or Doggie boutique
•    Birthday party--Bring out the party hats and cameras
•    Puppy class graduation--Hold a training session. Or informative talk. Or get all the classmates together for a group graduation photo.
•    A "get to know the breed party"--Help prospective pet owners interact with different breeds
•    A "tupperware party" for dog products--Try it before you buy it.

There's always a reason to celebrate when you love a pet. As a pet party planner, it's up to you to spread the word that pets like to party too. And then you can help make that happen.