Admit it... you've caught your caEntitled CatEntitled Catt looking at you with annoyance or maybe even malice from time to time, casting you that "Stupid human" sort of look. Sure, this could be because we pamper them so much and they feel that they are our masters and not the other way around. Well, did you know that a simple glance into history gives us a few clues as to why our cats may get the impression that they are superior to us?

Domesticated cats as we know them came from the Ancient Egyptians and before that, their point of origin is something of a mystery. But to Egyptians, domesticated cats were quite handy; they took care of the vermin problem, protecting the food supply in ways humans couldn't.

Because of their great protective services, cats were eventually seen as godlike. Cats were worshipped as gods and goddesses, given as much reverence as kings of the era in many cases. Their high profile in Egypt had cats receiving the royal treatment when it came to the afterlife. They were treated and mummified in the same manner as kings after death and then given the same prestigious burials as their masters. Also, if you got caught abusing or killing a cat, your punishment was death. 

Maybe current cats catch glimpses of that greatness in their little kitty heads and yearn for better days. Whatever the reason, you might want to keep these things in mind before rolling your eyes at the look of contempt your cat flashes you from time to time.


Source: CatsInfo


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