With winter fast approaching there will be wet things falling from the
sky that you would probably prefer to avoid. With one of these chic Cat
and Dog Umbrellas you can keep the rain, snow, sleet, and
graupel away.

Cat UmbrellaCat Umbrella

The Cat Umbrella is sleek in classic black with white cat silhouettes walking around the canopy. Fortunately these cats don't mind getting wet.

 Dachshund UmbrellaDachshund Umbrella

There are two different Dog Umbrellas. One is an adorable dachshund standing "tall." This umbrella has a beautiful blue canopy with white wiener dogs. It's just the right thing for dachshund lovers.

English Bulldog UmbrellaEnglish Bulldog Umbrella

The second Dog Umbrella is also in classic black and portrays an English bulldog in red silhouette. It is on alert waiting for you to throw a stick or a ball.

Each umbrella is a generous 48" wide and can be used as a walking stick once the storm is over. The ribs are made of fiberglass to provide more wind resistance. A rubberized crook grip will help you hang on with ease. It is made of Pongee polyester with Teflon coating to make it seriously waterproof. There is also a UV coating to make it a handy in the sun as well.

To order the Cat Umbrella, click here. To order the Dachshund Umbrella, click here. To order the English Bulldog Umbrella, click here.