Ikea is known for having quirky and creative items in their stores, but the newest item is found outside the store and isn't for people!  Stepping outside the box among retailers an Ikea store in Germany is now offering a place to leave your dog outside the store.  A doggy parking lot, if you will!

Dogs rest while their owners shop at Ikea.Dogs rest while their owners shop at Ikea.

The dog area includes a green astro-turf bed with a place to attach a leash so the pups don't wander off.  Visiting dogs are also given a water dish in case they get thirsty while their owner shops.  Last year the store launched a "Manland" that includes video games, but so far no TV's or video games are available for the pups.

An astro-turf bed is offered to dogs who stop by Ikea.An astro-turf bed is offered to dogs who stop by Ikea.

With or without video games, the dog parking lot provides a better option for dogs than staying in a hot car.  Like many stores, Ikea's policy only lets guide dogs inside its doors for hygiene purposes.  If dog owners put the dog parking lot to use, other retailers may catch on and offer similiar options.  So dog owners...would you leave your pet to wait at this cozy parking lot while you shop?  

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