The time for feasting is upon us, but for your pet, all the world should not be a holiday buffet. VPI, the largest pet insurance provider in the United States, recently released a list of the 10 most common holiday-related pet medical conditions -- and their causes. See the full list here. Even a casual look reveals a trend: in the words of VPI's cheif medical officer, "Whether it's holiday food or decorations, pets have a knack for ingesting foreign objects."


Photo by Nick Bair, flickrPhoto by Nick Bair, flickr


Here's a handy list of what to keep out of mouth's reach this holiday season:

  • bones from holiday meats
  • chocolate and other caffeinated products
  • fatty "people food" like roasts, gravy, and nuts
  • plants like holly and mistletoe
  • ribbon
  • small gifts
  • Christmas tree decorations, including tinsel


Photo by Nils Geylen, flickrPhoto by Nils Geylen, flickr


Ailments resulting from ingesting these substances range from simple diarrhea to the need for surgery to remove a foreign body from the digestive system. Avoid the trouble by keeping the listed items out of your pet's reach this holiday season.


Source: KHOU