Who would have ever guessed that a genetically engineered raccoon that
works as an interstellar bounty hunter and mercenary would have become
such a popular movie character? Rocket the Raccoon was an animated
character in the live-action movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though
his character is anything but cuddly, he is now a stuffed animal you can
own for yourself.

Rocket the RaccoonRocket the Raccoon

his popularity is found within the fact that he is not simply a cartoon
character. Director James Gunn spent time with live raccoons to get a
real feeling for the character. The fur ball is a damaged soul with a
lot of heart, and funny -- much like most of us. Somehow we see
ourselves in him. What could be more endearing?

Rocket the RaccoonRocket the Raccoon

version of Rocket is true to himself. He comes with gun in paw and
teeth bared. He is weighted at the bottom to help him sit properly on a
shelf and his head can be positioned from side to side. The details are
embroidered and the accessories are made of vinyl. He is just 6" tall
and suitable for kids 14 to 140. This is  officially-licensed
Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise.

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