If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have any part of your
body inside a shark here you go. The best way to test this out is with
these fun and comfy Shark Plush Slippers.

Shark Plush SlippersShark Plush Slippers

Perhaps the greatest thing about these slippers is that they are for adults. Yes, indeed, we get to indulge ourselves AND our inner child with this one. Just imagine the fun of scuffing around the house in these this winter! Just imagine how much you will scare the cat or dog with Great White Sharks! Just imagine that you are giving these sharks indigestion with your wriggling toes!

Shark Plush SlippersShark Plush Slippers

All that aside, these slippers come in one size which fits most adults. There is an elasticized foot opening to make sure they will stay on as you troll the house. There are non-skid dots on the bottom to make sure you don't go tail over fin on slippery floors.

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