Baby elephants, Kavi, Ashoka, and Samiya, at Dublin ZooBaby elephants, Kavi, Ashoka, and Samiya, at Dublin Zoo

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A birthday bash for elephants, cats on your head, alligators on helium, and
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Elephant Bash At Dublin Zoo

Oh, to be in Dublin for the elephant birthday party of the century, held last month at the Dublin Zoo. Three baby elephants, the youngest of which was born in July, were all celebrated with a birthday bash, but it's hard to see how they could have more fun than they do every other day!  These photos make Kavi, Ashoka, and Samiya (the female) spend lots of time together, and they even sleep piled on top of each other! (  See if you can catch these 'cuties' on the Dublin Zoo webcam.


Baby elephants at Dublin ZooBaby elephants at Dublin Zoo

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Alligators On Helium!

In attempting to find out why alligators bellow, researchers infused the cages of the study animals with helium to enhance the volume and pitch of the alligator calls.  Their findings concluded that bellows serve to communicate the size of the alligator, which assists males and females in finding the right mate! (JEB via PopSci) The research involved Chinese alligators; listen to an un-enhanced bellow below!




Why Cats Sleep On Our Heads

I always thought that when my cat sleeps on my head, he is expressing dominance, sweet as my kitty may seem.  But cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger says cats sleep on your head to keep warm, as our head emits body heat.  That cats need to self-regulate their body temperatures explains everything from why they hide in drawers to keep warm and why they curl up in sinks to keep cool.  Makes sense, even though it feels kind of weird to have a cat on your head.  (via Catster)


Why is my cat sleeping on my head?Why is my cat sleeping on my head?

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Brits Do Love Their Pets

Especially fish, it seems. Forty-four percent of British households have fish, while only 30 percent have at least one dog and 23 percent have at least one cat. Cat ownership has gone down a "small but significant" percent, according to the lead researcher in a study conducted by University of Bristol and Cats Protection.  To be fair to cats though, the study reflects a drop of only one percent between 2006 and 2011. (Daily Mail)

Want A British Pet?

Just give your pet a popular British name. The most popular male dog name in Britain is Alfie; for male cats, it's Charlie.  Female dogs and cats are called Poppy most often.  Feel free to use these names for your pets if you are an Anglophile... but whether you call your dog or cat Alfie, Charlie, or Poppy, you have to use a British accent! (Mirror)

And, In Significant British Pet News...

British dogs and cats can share their ails with a vet on a video chat called PawSquad.  One of the founders got the idea for the 'Skype for pets' when he couldn't find the information he needed on how to treat his arthritic dog.  PawSquad is a great idea for non-emergency pet advice and it saves money, time, and the stress of packing up pooch and driving him to the vet.  PawSquad costs just £15 for 15 minutes of video chat.  (via Daily Mail)

Here's a cute video showing how PawSquad is set up....




 Mushrooms And Other Pet Poisons


Warning From Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Just a month after rescuing his puppy French bulldog, Brutus, from drowning in his swimming pool, the puppy ate a bad mushroom in Dwayne Johnson's yard.  Johnson went on Instagram warning pet owners: "I encourage all of you out there to be mindful of mushrooms in your yards, parks or anywhere outside your dogs play. What looks innocent, can be deadly to your lil' family members."  Sorry, little Brutus; may you rest in peace.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his puppy Brutus.Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his puppy Brutus.

source: Instagram

And Another Pet Poison...

Xylitol is not generally found in pet food, but it is poisonous to dogs and to wild birds.  A sugar alcohol, Xylitol is often used as a sweetener to replace sugar, as it has about a third fewer calories.  Xylitol is sold commercially to be used in cooking and baking.  It is also used in some lower calorie foods such as chewing gum and candy and dogs seem to love the taste.  Watch out for chewing gum!  If your dog ingests Xylitol, he must receive immediate emergency medical attention. (Examiner)


Where Is The World's Biggest Pet Store?

In Duisburg, Germany, a city along the Dutch border is a 130,000 square foot pet warehouse called Zoo Zajac, which houses not only pet supplies but 250,000 individual animals of 3,000 species!  Norbert Zajac, founder, is 61 years old and rides around his store on a moped, has been breeding and selling pets since he was 8 years old.  The entrepreneur's story is an interesting read in The Week.


Aquarium at Zoo ZajacAquarium at Zoo Zajac



 Pets Are Healthy For Infants!

Most people believe that pet dander is unhealthy for newborns and infants.  But Dr. Nina Radcliff, who writes for The Washington Times, says that pet dander actually helps newborns develop resistance to allergies, asthma, and eczema. Another benefit for young children is that owning a pet helps them develop empathy for others.


Infant and dogInfant and dog



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