Cats and dogs can't state their feelings so they've evolved the ability to move their tails in ways that effectively telegraph their emotions. Soon you and I could be doing the same, thanks to Japan's Neurowear, inventor of those outrageous Necomimi wearable moving cat ears!

Neurowear has adapted the brainwave-actuated technology perfected in Necomimi to create "Shippo", the world's first mind-controlled wearable tail! Shippo means “tail” in Japanese and although the company's English descriptions of the device just use the one word, in Japanese it's been dubbed “tail that runs on EEG”... electroencephalography, that is.

The advanced prototype tail demonstrated to visitors to the 2012 Tokyo Game Show gets its wagging instructions from the wearer's brainwaves, which are read by a sensor mounted on a Bluetooth headset. The setup looks a little weird but hey, if you're going to wear a tail that wags, what's a little extra weirdness?

Speaking of weird, this Neurowear promotional video illustrates just what the company has in mind for Shippo, those who'll wear them, and society at large:

As the video shows, just wearing a Shippo isn't enough – there's an app that runs on your smartphone, tracking all the places your Shippo was stimulated by your brainwaves.

Smell a fragrant flower, get scared by an offended dog, meet a cute member of the opposite gender... all noted, tracked and shared with your online pals and (sooner or later) Homeland Security through the magic of Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of Facebook, commenters at Neurowear's FB page just can't wait to get their hands on a wearable waggable tail. Patience, my Furry friends, Neurowear hears your pleas and no doubt is as eager to take your money as you are to offer it.

Imagine a world where Shippo's are the height of fashion... you and your significant other walking hand in hand, wearable tails gently wagging in unison. A hunk or hottie suddenly appears and you struggle to keep composed but the darned tail starts wagging like a chopper's prop. How do you like your new tail now? Welcome to a dog's life, doghouse included. (via Japanorama and DNA)


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