This is NASA's catronaut, Captain Whiskers. His official NASA portrait
is now available for wear on an awesome Space Cat T-Shirt. It is a great
way for you to show your support for cats to participate in future
space missions.

Space Cat T-ShirtSpace Cat T-Shirt

According to the website, Captain Whiskers first reported to NASA's Johnson Space Center for space duty in 1981. He was originally assigned to be the chief science officer for the microgravity lab. Then someone noticed that the big M emblazoned on his forehead made him mission commander material. He was a part of 4 space missions and logged more than 51 days in space -- primarily asleep. He retired in 1987 to pursue his hobby of chasing a red dot.

Space Cat T-ShirtSpace Cat T-Shirt

The shirt itself is a cotton/polyester blend and comes in a lovely shade of blue called royal heather. Sizes available range from small to 3X. It is the perfect gift for cat lovers and space geeks.

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