If you're like me, you have the bizarre anxiety of passing through security gates (be them in stores or airports)--even though you have done nothing illegal.  I'm not sure why this happens to me personally other than that I am somewhat socially awkward and have had a gun put to my head by a police officer (That was in Mexico City and is a long story--and I still was doing nothing illegal; my grasp of Spanish was a bit dicey).  This being said, if I happened to be in England's Manchester Airport and a drug sniffing dog pinpointed my luggage for being loaded with an illegal substance, I would freak the hell out.

Apparently six of the dogs in this airport prefer the scents of sausage and cheese over those of, let's say heroin, marijuana, and cocaine.  I can't say that I blame them.  I mean, I'm not saying I've ever smelled marijuana, but a friend of mine says it smells like a skunk.  That can be said of certain cheeses as well but, in my experience, cheese can carry the scent of wet, unwashed feet.  Perhaps that's where the dogs get confused...

Between November 2014 and June of 2015, no Class A drugs were found by these dogs.  But they did find 46,000 cigarettes, 132 lbs. of tobacco, just shy of 400 lbs. of smuggled meat, nearly $39,700 in cash, and such drugs as Viagra and human growth hormone.  And cheese.

Considering that the training of these canines cost $1.7 million, this is something of a problem.  How do you re-train a dog that centers on food and random objects instead of the drugs they are supposed to detect?  That would be like trying to keep me away from finding the nearest good pizza joint.

The canine team, among other issues, has caused quite a problem for the Manchester Airport.  Here they are in action:

Well, at least you can see they are trying.  This is definitely not a neglect of duty.  And, to be honest, if I was doing that job I'd go after cheese and sausage as well.  Delicious.

SOURCES: The Guardian, Atlas Obscura

Video via: News today (April 14, 2016)