As with all furniture, you can buy mass produced cat furniture or 'designer' cat furniture.  When it comes to commercial cat condos, you're pretty much stuck with an eyesore in your living room. But if you want to see how an interior designer achieves the ultimate marriage between an elegant living area for humans and stunningly fitting catsplay, you need to see what Wohnblock Design has accomplished.

Oliver Kriege, designer of Wohnblock, is no stranger to cats, as you can see from marvelous videos.  He knows what they like just as well as he know what his eye wants to see.  He has created sculptures of fun and comfort for cats: Retro and Reading Cat.


Retro by designer Oliver Kriege (Wohnblock Design)


Retro by designer Oliver Kriege (Wohnblock Design)


Reading Cat by designer Oliver Kriege (Wohnblock Design)


Here's a variation of Reading Cat called 'Limited Edition,' which may just be a limited edition!


;Limited Edition (Reading Cat) by designer Oliver Kriege (Wohnblock Design)


You have a say in the design too; you get to choose the color and carpet.  Yes, Wohnblock ships worldwide.

Wohnblock Design via ModernCat


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