It doesn’t matter how far away from the famous Washington DC attraction, because if you have an internet connection, you can check in on many of the National Zoo’s iconic animals whenever you want to. With giant pandas, tigers, octopi and more to watch, it may be tough to pick a favorite channel!

The National Zoo has set up impressive live streaming cameras throughout many of their habitats, and many of them are available to enjoy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The current lineup of live cams at the National Zoo include:

The Amazon River Cam – Watch a variety of freshwater fish in a 55,000 gallon aquarium.




Giant Panda Cam – Check out the daily adventures (mostly sitting, eating and sleeping) of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian.




Orangutan Cam – This one is probably my favorite, as their huge orangutans are always entertaining to watch, no matter what they’re up to. I just wish that we could watch the red apes travel around their special “O Line” rope bridge system!

Naked Mole-Rat Cam – Sure, these nocturnal African rodents might not fit society’s narrow view of what is considered “cute,” but the naked mole-rat cam is best viewed when the sun goes down.


 (Photo by Marie Hale /Creative Commons via Flickr)(Photo by Marie Hale /Creative Commons via Flickr)


Clouded Leopard Cam – These vulnerable Asian cats put on a good show as they leap into the branches between snacks, and it’s worth the wait to catch one mid-nap. So cute!

There are plenty of other live streaming animal cams at the National Zoo for you to check out, and stay tuned, as the zoo staff occasionally add new cams to the mix! Pop some corn, refresh your browser and have fun at the zoo!

Source: The National Zoo