Keeping snakes as pets is really not that big of a deal. Most people likely know of at least one person that has a pet snake, so it's not really a taboo sort of thing these days. However, there is a village in Thailand that has taken things to a whole new extreme.

Welcome to the small village of Ban Kok Sa-Nga, a charming little village of around 140 homes.  Ban Kok Sa-Nga is something of a miniature tourist attraction due to the fact that out of those 140 homes, 100% of them have at least one pet snake. And we're not talking little garter snakes either. From super-lethal King Cobras to the much respected python, the folks of Ban Kok Sa-Nga don't screw around.

The fact that this is not at all hygenic is the least of our worriesThe fact that this is not at all hygenic is the least of our worriesThe village has been this way for about 60 years, when town elders thought it might be prosperous to turn their town into something of a tourist attraction (notice the use of "attraction" and not "trap," as that is not a word you want people to associate with a town full of dangerous snakes). Oddly enough, there is no sense of fear among the residents. In fact, there always seems to be a festive mood in the air.

If you ever find yourself in Ban Kok Sa-Nga, you should make a point to check out the Man vs. Snake boxing matches. These matches are set up by trapping a cobra, angering it, throwing it onto a stage and then pulling its tail to anger it some more. The snake is then unleashed on a willing human that slaps at it and pulls at its tail to anger it some more.

So if you're one of those people who got a snake as a pet to add some cool points to your reputation, you're failing miserably. You're not a true snake lover until you've gone a few rounds with it Ban Kok Sa-Nga style.


Source: Oddity Central


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