Apparently cobras are a hot commodity in Vietnam, as local police pulled over a driver with 53 of the huge venomous reptiles from his car…

King Cobra: (Photo by PunkJr /Creative Commons via Flickr)King Cobra: (Photo by PunkJr /Creative Commons via Flickr)

The driver was arrested on charges of trading the protected species and claimed that he was paid less than $50 to transport the snakes. All 53 snakes were stored in green cloth sacks and could have been intended to be killed for their meat or for traditional medicine.

They will be released back into the wild after they are inspected by a local wildlife center.
King cobras are the largest venomous snake species on the planet and they can grow to a length of around 18 feet. Native to southeast Asia, king cobras survive on a diet mostly composed of other snakes, including both venomous and nonvenomous species.

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