You don't have to live in Alaska to mush.  Kaz USA has come out with an urban scooter that you and your dogs can enjoy right on the roads and dirt paths near your home.  But the Dually Scooter is exceptional in other ways too; it's made for persons with special needs.


Dually ScooterDually Scooter


Dually Scooter, exceptionally balancedDually Scooter, exceptionally balanced


For those that need more balance and stability in a scooter, the Dually trike has a large front bike tire (16 inch), which makes turning real easy, and two 3.5 inch dual pneumatic rear tires that contribute to the Dually Scooter's stability. The platform is 21 inches long and 9 inches wide in the rear, tapering to 8 inches wide in the front.  You can stand with both feet comfortably on the platform as your dogs pull the trike, even if the dogs slow their pace.


Dually ScooterDually Scooter


The Dually has two braking systems, the front Caliper Brake and the rear pressure brakes to insure your safety. It rides smoothly over dirt, grass, brush, and on cement and asphalt, but is not as efficient in deep sand as an all-terrain bike.

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