Does your cat like to sleep on the TV or your computer monitor? Hey, what kitty doesn't! Now it's time to “Think Different” as upcycled Apple iMac Pet Beds take high-tech catnapping to the next level.

The iconic Apple iMac G3 debuted in 1998 to rave reviews; none other than Steve Jobs himself said “It looks so good you kinda' wanna lick it”. Time passed and so has the iMac G3, though many of the millions sold now reside in attics, basements, back rooms and closets.

The reliable and user-friendly G3 still lingers on as a pop culture icon and it still looks good enough to lick... which brings us to those champion lickers, cats! Atomic Attic, an Etsy seller of upcycled, vintage & handmade items put two and two together and created the Apple iMac Pet Bed. Your cat may never make it as a YouTube Star but he or she will always be on-screen, so to speak, with one of these recycled iMacs in your home.

The process of creating a cat bed from a retired Apple iMac G3 is relatively simple, as Apple's original production process was straightforward and uncomplicated. The only major modification AtomicAttic made was to repurpose the original speakers as braces so the computer's rounded housing would rest evenly on a flat surface.

Last but not least: comfort. A removable machine-washable slipcover is provided with each Apple iMac Pet Bed, as well as a fluffy cushion for your cat. Additional slipcovers are sold separately for $15 each.

Care to “Think Different” when it comes to pet beds? AtomicAttic will transform your thoughts into realty for just $129.00 plus shipping. The featured bed is Indigo with a plaid fabric slipcover; contact the seller for more details and/or to inquire about other color combinations.


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