This week students at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia were given a
new outlet to deal with the stress of college life, final exams, and the
holidays. A "puppy room" was set up for the kids to get a chance to
chill with "Puppy Room" Love (You Tube Image)"Puppy Room" Love (You Tube Image)therapy dogs. With students waiting up to 45 minutes to visit
the dogs the event has been a big success.

The student union at the university in chose to implement the three-day long program after a suggestion by a student in an online forum. 

The students, some of them away from home for the first time and many more of them away from their own four-legged best friends, found a few minutes with these canine companions just the thing to take their minds off the stress of exams, homesickness, and other worries. Even though it is being referred to as a "puppy room," all of the dogs are full-grown, fully-trained therapy dogs. The dogs lapped up the attention with joy.

The "puppy room" idea is starting to spread as other schools are considering offering the same service.

Source: CBC News