No Viking was ever going to quaff their mead out of this drinking
horn., This lovely Unicorn Drinking Horn is more for taking a double shot
of the most magical brew of your choice.

Unicorn Drinking HornUnicorn Drinking Horn

Let me make this perfectly clear: No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product. There is an enchanted mountain deep in the Scottish highlands where unicorns go every 100 years to shed their horns. There are wee folk there who help the magical creatures through this traumatic event with troughs of hot cocoa and cozy gossamer blankets. In a special agreement the wee folk are allowed to sell the horns to support themselves.

Unicorn Drinking HornUnicorn Drinking Horn

That being said, these fun drinking horns are made of plastic (who knew?). It is embellished with a golden ring with a handle to make it easier to lift your favorite potion to your lips. I have heard sherry described as "fairy pee" so that it certainly a possibility. Since this is a unicorn horn, it is delicate and must be hand washed. This is also such a rare and lovely thing it comes with a golden display stand. 

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