On Wednesday the California Highway Patrol was faced with a challenge of
the sort you would never see on an old episode of CHiPs. That is
because Jon and Ponch were never sent on a quest to capture a wayward
unicorn. With truth being stranger than fiction the real officers found
themselves led on a three-hour chase to capture the runaway creature.

Unicorn on the RunUnicorn on the Run

And here you thought unicorns didn't exist. Well, they don't. This was actually a 20-year-old white pony named Juliette who was dressed as a unicorn for a photo shoot with children in Madera County, California. The inherent magic of being a unicorn must have gotten into her and she chose to make a run for it.

Law enforcement started getting calls of a unicorn on the loose. If you get one of those calls then you can ignore it as a lone crackpot, but multiple calls add up to something really going on. So off they went to hunt a unicorn. They finally tracked her down, caught her, and took her back to her owner.

Unicorn Returned HomeUnicorn Returned Home

The next thing they knew they were getting more unicorn calls. Juliette had apparently enjoyed her previous adventure and decided to give it a try again. Once again patrol officers were out hunting her down along California's highways in rush hour traffic. This time she was located by helicopter. Miraculously she was caught alive and well. She was once again returned home -- hopefully to maximum security this time for her own safety.

It was reported that many drivers were reluctant to call in and make a report of the sighting -- either because they were unsure of what it was that they had seen or because someone would think their cheese had slipped completely off their cracker. I would have loved to call it in just to listen to the hesitant silence of the dispatcher. HA!

No citations were issued to the owner.

Sources: The Denver Channel, You Tube


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