A beachcomber browsing an unnamed Japanese beach recently got the shock of his life when he stumbled across a twisted, tortured, timeworn tree branch straight out of your worst nightmare.

Upsetting as finding the bizarre branch was, it could have been worse: the odd animorphic object could have found him!

Unwilling to retrieve the contorted “creature” as it possibly could “bring with it some kind of curse,” the freaked-out fellow snapped a few photos instead, gingerly posing with the weird wild wood and setting it upright so its four-legged form could be more easily discerned.

Obviously disconcerted by his find, the gent then did what any of us might do: he posted his images online and invited viewers to comment, discuss and perform photoshops at their leisure. One of the latter imagines the seashore paparazzo's image blown up, framed and mounted in a ritzy art gallery where it looks completely at home.

Fun and games aside, it seems such unusual specimens of driftwood are highly prized by collectors and have brought high values on the open market and at online auction sites such as Yahoo Japan.

After reading some of these comments, the beachcomber who posted the photos returned to the location he found the “Driftwood Demon” at though it's unclear whether he was able to retrieve it. It may be too late – what the sea giveth, the sea taketh away and besides, judging by the piece's looks, it might have just got up and walked away once the moon rose. (via Rocketnews24 and Squall Channel)


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