It may be time to start a new tooth fairy tradition at your house to
help the "fairy" not have to stumble around in the dark. The Turtle
Tooth Fairy Box
keeps the lost baby tooth safely on the bedside table or
dresser so that it doesn't get lost under the pillow.

 Turtle Tooth Fairy BoxTurtle Tooth Fairy Box

The tradition of children putting their lost baby teeth under their
pillow in exchange for cash has been around for more than a thousand
years. It all started as a Norse tradition and spread from there. No one knows when the fairy came about as a part of the story. This means that many generations of parents have found themselves
sneaking around in the night groping around under the pillow and hoping they
don't wake their kid. 

Turtle Tooth Fairy BoxTurtle Tooth Fairy Box

Just place the erstwhile baby tooth under the turtle's shell where the tooth fairy will find it with ease and replace it with the requisite amount of cash. The worst that the tooth fairy has to worry about now is getting bit by the turtle.

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Tooth Fairy Box for your child, click here.