First thing in the morning is when we all could use a little magic and
most of us do that with a caffeine or herbal infusion of some sort. You
can add just a bit more magic to getting started by drinking your
morning pick-me-up from this totally cool 3D Unicorn Mug.

3D Unicorn Mug3D Unicorn Mug

It holds 16 ounces of your favorite poison, er, um, liquid to help you get going first thing on weekdays, or start relaxing on weekends. The mug is ceramic, but it is not dishwasher or microwave safe, so you need to go old school with cleaning and heating. Either way it is a magical way to get to the point of your day, no matter what time it is.

3D Unicorn Mug3D Unicorn Mug

If you are having a shaky time of things (for whatever reason) the head makes an excellent second handle to help you keep from spilling any of your special brew.  It can also be just the right place to hang your doughnut as you go in search of your desk. 

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