The last time I went snorkeling I had a very bizarre panic attack.  I've
never had that experience before.  I suspect it was a combination of
the tightness of the diving mask, which was somewhat claustrophobic, and
the immensity of the reef, which made me feel like I was falling into a
bottomless pit.  I got past all of this and had a great time--but I can
safely say I'm very glad that I didn't get caught in this!  A vortex of tuna while I was having my freak out would have sent me over the edge!


I gotta admit that the tuna tornado is very impressive and beautiful.  I may have been able to power through it after a bit.  I suspect I would be more worried that some alpha predator might be lurking around thinking that the buffet just opened...

Video uploaded by Animal Wire on December 18, 2012.

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