is Buster, my cat.  He weighs in at just
shy of 25 pounds.  And though I control
his diet, he's just plain big.

when it came to putting in a cat door, I was met with something of a
problem.  I went from store to store and
couldn't find anything large enough.  I
kept imagining what would happen if I came home one day and found his butt
wedged halfway through the cat door, legs sticking up in the air.  And while I still find the image funny, I
didn't want it to happen.

I got lucky.  I found the Perfect Pet
Tubby Kat Cat Door.

a Lexan 7 ½-inch by 10 ½-inch flap, this cat door is large enough for felines
of up to 25 pounds-so it was the perfect fit for Buster.  It is weatherproof and also has a 4-way locking
mechanism-which came in handy for me, as Buster is an indoor cat and I was
installing it in the door that leads to the garage.

was very easy to install; all I needed was a pencil, a ruler, a drill, and a
jigsaw.  A handy template was included,
simplifying the measuring process-for which I was thankful.  I'm not the handiest person in the world
(except for plumbing, oddly enough), so I was initially worried that I would
cut a hole too large for the Tubby Kat Cat door.  All in all it took around 15 minutes from
start to finish.

My door has bevels in it, but this caused no problem with installation.  Essentially Tubby Kat grabs itself and
squeezes to mount into the hole.

attempted to get a picture of Buster using the door, but he shoots through it
like a missile.  This was as close as I

Like a large, portly missile.

your own Tubby Kat Cat Door here!

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