Even though many of us find spiders scary, or at least disturbing, many
cultures through the centuries have considered them to be good luck --
and not just because they love making a meal of destructive insects.Spider and Web (Photo by: Vincent de Groot/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Spider and Web (Photo by: Vincent de Groot/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

In ancient Rome spiders were considered good luck and the Romans would carry with them little spiders made of gold or silver to keep luck close. They would also keep precious stones with spiders carved on them.

In some places like Cambodia tarantulas are considered a tasty food.

Scientists are looking into the possibility of using spider venom as a natural insecticide.

Spider silk is one of the strongest substances on earth.

In some Native American traditions, the goddess of creation is called Spider Woman and she spins all of life and creation from her thoughts as a spider spins its web. In other Native American traditions it was spider that showed mankind how to create written language through the weaving of its web.

Some have considered spiders as medicinal. Taking a spider with syrup was supposed to have cured fever. Wearing a spider in a walnut shell as an amulet around your neck was supposed to repel the plague.

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