A Touch Of The Wild For Your Decor

Turn your living room or den into a little piece of Africa with these beautiful batik Safari Pillows. You will really be walking on the wild side with a zebra, giratte or tiger. These colorful accent pillows are handmade by artists in India using traditional methods. For each piece wax is applied to the raw fabric in the form of the desired pattern. Once the fabric has been dyed, the wax is removed, revealing the image.

Safari PillowsSafari Pillows

The trio of pillows comes together as a set. The covers are removable so that they can be machine washed and then air dried. For more information or to order, click here.

Kitty Devine
Fun Gifts For Animal Lovers

Jul 30, 2012
by catchatcaren (not verified)
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Darn!! I love the Tiger one

Darn!! I love the Tiger one but not the other two :(

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