The rise of the internet has inspired many amazing services, including this trio of monthly mystery boxes filled with exotic goodies for the special spoiled dogs and cats in your life. What will your little buddy get this month?



focuses exclusively on high-end dog products, and subscribers have the choice of choosing a package suitable for large, medium and small dogs. I ordered a sample BarkBox almost two years ago for Scribbles (my small Yorkie pal) as a special treat, and I was definitely impressed with the selection of toys, chews, treats and cleaning wipes that we had received. The BarkBox crew definitely has taste, as they put together a top-notch prize pack of stuff including Petprojekt and Himalayan Dog Chews.




Pawalla takes the concept of a “monthly box filled with awesome” to a whole new level by offering a wider range of options to treat even more pets. Subscribers can choose between a “Mini” or “Deluxe” sized box (Both seem to offer a whole bunch of nice things!), whether the box is intended for a dog or cat, as well as the age of your animal, so the Pawalla crew can pick out age-appropriate goodies. While I have yet to get my hands on a Pawalla box, they also know how to pick some great stuff, including treasures from my pals at Petchup and the treat masters at Cloud Star. Yummy!



Currently the most affordable of the trio, PawBox also knows how to pamper a pooch with high-end snacks and toys. The PawBox crew is currently working on a PawBox for our kitty friends, but in the meantime, our puppies can enjoy a monthly taste of the good life with Cloud Star, Isle of Dogs and the incredible Himalayan Dog Chew. One of my favorite PawBox features is how they create a list of each recently boxed product, so anyone who was a fan of the sample knows where to get more. Can’t wait to see how they handle PawBoxes for cats!

All three of these services work just as well as monthly surprises for your own animals, or as a thoughtful gift subscription for the animals (and their owners) to drool over all year. Since each mystery box service is tailored to cover different people and pets with different stuff, I can’t pick “the best,” but after doing some research, I’m sure that you’ll easily pick out the greatest way to treat your four-legged friend each month!

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