Sure, kids these days know who Yogi Bear and Top Cat are from their recent movies, but it’s time for the rest of the Hanna-Barbera zoo to expand their roles to the silver screen. We’d be here all day if I went through all of the animal actors, but here’s the top five that I feel could carry a good flick:

Wally Gator



Wally is an alligator who truly loves staying in his fancy digs at the zoo, but he still likes to take a stroll outside of his posh lifestyle once in a while. Come on, Hollywood! The wacky hijinks will write themselves!

Peter Potamus & So-So


Peter, the purple hippo, and his simian pal So-So fly all over the world in a hot air balloon to give people a helping hand. It’s cute, good natured, everyone likes monkeys and the entertainment biz has yet to enter its hippo phase…

Hong Kong Phooey



He’s a determined superhero kung-fu dog with a snickering cat sidekick- What more could movie goers want?! Throw in some explosions and goofy villains, and you’ve got a guaranteed Chopa-wacky-slappa-hit!

Squiddly Diddly


With all of the negative publicity that aquatic parks have been receiving recently, maybe our goofy pal Squiddly Diddly could make going to see marine animals performing tricks cool again?

Quickdraw McGraw / El Kabong


You know that you’d pay good money to watch a live-action horse wearing a mask, cape and hat swing from a rope to smash “el badguy” over the head with a guitar as he yells: “OLE!” I just hope that they’ll be able to keep the sombrero on the donkey playing Baba Looey.

Are there any Hanna-Barbera animal stars more deserving of a movie deal than these crazy creatures? If you think so, share your picks in the comments below!