Top 5 Dog Foods: Best Dog Foods Reviewed

Which is the best dog food for your dog? The Pet Food Review has announced its top 5 dog food picks for 2015. I like the quality of the reviews from this source because they go beyond what a dog needs to survive - as they say, 'dogs evolved to be survivors' - but look for what food a dog thrives on. And what a dog thrives on are the ingredients optimized to 'mimic his ancestral diet.' Additionally, the Pet Food Review gets input from dog owners on a variety of factors so the combination of studying ingredient lists and combining it with user comments produces more trustworthy reviews. 

The reviewers chose five kibble-type dog foods, but acknowledge that foods that are prepared canned or 'home-cooked' may be just as good for your dog, as long as the appropriate balance and quality of ingredients are included. None of these picks contain fillers or 'by-products.'

Here are the top 5 best foods for your dog (all given equal value, by the way)...

1.   Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild comes in a variety of lean meats, nutrition packed vegetables and good carbs. They also add egg to their mix so it helps dogs have a nice shiny coat. It also comes in a canned formula.  Customers gave it high ratings as they noted immediate changes in the health and energy of their dogs.  (I adopted my own dog from a kennel that feeds Taste of the Wild, so I continued him on the food. I have no complaints, and I even use the kibble bits as treats for him.) (Taste of the Wild here.)

2. Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance is widely available and less expensive than the other dog foods on the top 5, so dog owners like it and dogs think its quite delicious. Reviewers were happy with the food for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the brand makes its test results available to the public, but also because it offers very high quality, filler-free, meat-based product. Nature Balance is a great value as it provides good nutrition, in a tasty form that is more affordable than other quality dog foods. (Natural Balance here.)

3.  Wellness Dog Food

The most expensive among the top 5 best dog foods, Wellness receives a very high rating from customers and the reviewers found little to complain about too. Available wet and dry, Wellness has a separate line of dog food, especially formulated for dogs with allergies. If you have purchased cans of the soft food, you will probably note how similar the food looks to a human stew, and they smell good too! In the case of Wellness, it is definitely a food you pay more for because of it's higher quality. (Wellness here.)

4.  Orijen Dog Food

This grain-free dog food lists all proteins among its top five ingredients, and the food is made from all fresh products.  The reviewers like the whole egg, fruit, and vegetable choices the company adds to some of its formulas, but for dogs with allergies, Orijen makes choices for them as well.  Orijen dog food may not be the easiest food to find, even in pet stores, but customers say, it's worth the extra time and expense to buy it for your dog. (Orijen here.)

5.   Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Except for some problems experienced switching to Blue Buffalo, customers like the diet, especially because the company makes many different versions of the food to suit their dogs specific needs.  There had been a recall of certain bags of food in the past, but it was voluntary, and customers responded positively to that effort to insure the best for their dogs. Blue Buffalo uses all natural ingredients, like the other top picks, and it also adds 'cold-formed antioxidants' to the food for nutritional value. Some varieties of Blue Buffalo are better for your dog than others, but overall it is a high quality dog food. (Blue Buffalo here.) (Editor's Note: Blue Buffalo has been having some issues with ingredients recently. See comments below if you'd like to learn more.)

As with people, dogs need high quality well balanced diet in order to live a healthy and long life. These 5 dog foods are some of the best available and the ones we recommend for your dog.


Update: Pet Food Recalls And What To Do About Them

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Source: Dog Food Review
(Originally published in 2012, revised June 2015)

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Lady Bee
Pet News

Mar 26, 2012
by Anonymous
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Dog Health

Really nice to find your site with up to date information on the best dog foods. So many recalls has caused many of us to reconsider what we're feeding our pets. Now I know what to choose without (hopefully) worry.
Natural is always my first choice, for food AND dog health products.

Apr 4, 2012
by Anonymous
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Buy Dog Food Online

Fantastic info there, I have constantly pondered the right gameplan to go regarding this, much obliged concerning revealing to me!

Some of them indicates are totally straight advance but all too regularly you will over look them.

Apr 10, 2012
by Anonymous
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Natural Balace is great - I agree!

We love Natural Balance too for the reasons you mentioned. It is affordable and our dogs love it, and the quality of the food shows in their coats, eyes and energy level. Before we put them on Alpha we read every single Natural Balance dog food review online and also compared it to other brands and really felt sure that it was one of the best dog foods available in our price range.

Apr 10, 2012
by Anonymous
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Actually would like to express

Actually would like to express your piece is dumbfounding. The lucidity in your post is basically stupendous and i am able to collect you are a master on this field. Well with your authority permit me to get your rss channel to maintain with incoming post. You're the best and please keep up the astounding work.

Jan 14, 2013
by Anonymous
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I feed my dogs authority.

I feed my dogs authority. Tried blue buffalo but it made my Great Dane sick. Vet said it was messing with the bacterial balance in his stomach. Authority is good for his sensitive stomach.

Jan 30, 2013
by Anonymous
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Still have to say I think

Still have to say I think Halo is one the best dog food out there my dog loves it!

Jan 26, 2014
by Anonymous
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"The most expensive among

"The most expensive among the top 5 best dog foods, Wellness..."

Really? Really? Wellness is $50/30lbs, and Orijen can run as high as $90 for a 28.6 pound bag. (Thank goodness for their frequent buyer card program!)

Apr 3, 2014
by Anonymous
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It's really nice to know

It's really nice to know there are some dog foods out there that are actually good for your dog. I have a small dog and she has tons of energy, except when it's her "time of the month". I'll have to try some of these for her to see if they benefit her during that time.

Dec 8, 2014
by Anonymous
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Hi, I have gone through your

Hi, I have gone through your article and got some valuable information as well. Dog foods are vital for dogs and need to be of good qualities. All the above foods are very nice for dogs in terms of a healthy life. One has to give proper foods to his/her dog and save the dog from food poisoning.

Apr 28, 2015
by Anonymous
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Why you are saying like

Why you are saying like that? Pets also have health problems like us. Keeping this point in front of view you have to take care of your dog. Giving stress is bad for his/her health and cause several health problems which affect his/her activities. If you are very close to your dog, you can easily identify this. This blog is very informative for all dog owners. In my point of view every pet owners should read this.

Jun 7, 2015
by Anonymous
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Certain food types can be

Certain food types can be deterimental to a dog's health. Anything with too much sugar or salt or too many spices may cause a digestive upset. Great review!

Jun 7, 2015
by Anonymous
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Why is Fromm not on the

Why is Fromm not on the list? I've found it to be great. Just wondering if there's something I'm missing?

Jun 9, 2015
by Anonymous
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I use Fromm also. A friend

I use Fromm also. A friend from Italy who has a degree in canine
nutrition recommended it to us. Low protein for hot climates is good per him, also.

Jun 10, 2015
by Anonymous
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Recent articles have said

Recent articles have said that Blue Buffalo has come clean about false advertising in its claims of not using by-product meal. May want to update your list! :-/

Jun 23, 2015
by kat
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Yes, thanks for giving us an

Yes, thanks for giving us an update on Blue Buffalo. It seems that one of their suppliers was giving them some bad ingredients. I am hoping that Blue Buffalo will quickly address that problem so we are keeping it on our list for now. 

Good coverage of the issue is at 

Blue Buffalo still has not informed consumers of the presence of poultry by-product meal in Blue Buffalo pet food, refuses to accept responsibility for the product it sold, and is instead blaming its suppliers. 

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