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Top 5 Cat Foods ReviewedTop 5 Cat Foods Reviewed

Like the dog food top 5, rated by Pet Food Reviews, the top 5 cat foods are chosen for their approximation to a cat's natural diet in the wild - mainly the kinds of foods cats hunt.  No, the the top 5 foods don't contain rats and rabbits; but they do consist almost totally of protein, the same high grade protein that is sold for human consumption - no fillers or by-products. Unlike the top 5 rated dog products, only one of the 5 top cat food brands received a 5-star rating...

Does that mean that pet food companies are trying harder to match demands for top quality dog foot then they are for cat food?  Anyway... here they are!


1.  Orijen Cat Food

Orijen cat foodOrijen cat food

'Yes, Orijen received a 5-star rating from Pet Products Review, and it's well-deserved, considering it is nourishing and 'biologically appropriate.'  Orijen, which comes in dry and wet formulas and a variety of protein choices for cats and kittens, has a 75 percent protein content to a 25 percent fruit and vegetable content.  It is grain free. Customers say that their pickiest of cats love this brand; the only negative comments are about the higher price of it. Orijen does not make a canned diet for cats. (Buy Orijen cat food here.)


2. Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Taste of the Wild cat foodTaste of the Wild cat food

Taste of the Wild is another cat food brand that cats seem to like, which is always a plus for cat owners. Owners like it too, although some would prefer to have chicken as the main ingredient rather than chicken meal.  But the reviewers support the brand, noting that it is less expensive than Orijen, although they don't name Orijen, but suggest that Taste of the Wild is great nutrition for a good price.  Grain free, Taste is made in dry and canned versions. (Buy Taste of the Wild Cat Food here.)


3.  Halo Cat Food

Halo cat foodHalo cat food

Reviewers and cat owners like the fact that Halo looks and smells like human food, especially, of course, the canned Halo.  But cats may not be attracted to the canned food for some reason, and some seem to prefer the dry version. Halo does use all human grade products, adds vitamins and minerals to the mix, and makes both grain and grain-free diets for your cat. Like some other pet foods, Halo was started by a cat owner who wanted to solve his own cat's (Spot) health problems. (Buy Halo Cat Food here.)


4. Natural Balance Cat Food

Natural Balance cat foodNatural Balance cat food

Natural Balance is a solid choice for owners who are looking for a reasonably priced, readily available cat food  sold dry and in cans.  The drawback, as reviewers see it, is that the brand includes more carbohydrates than the other top brands, although it does contain plenty of natural, fresh proteins too.  Cats seem to like it and owners often comment on their cats' fuller fur and additional muscle tone after lifting five pound dumbbells.(Buy Natural Balance Cat Food here.)

5.  Newman's Own Cat Food

Newman's Own cat foodNewman's Own cat food

A notch or two high from human-grade pet food is organic pet food, and that's what Newman's Own includes.  It's all organic, from beef to rice to even a special process for rendering the chicken fat.  Cats and owners seem to love it, and the reviewers like it too, except they seem to be uncomfortable with the levels of grains and veggies in the food.  Some cat owners report that their cats 'eat around' the grains and veggies, but cats, after all, are carnivores.... Taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, is an added benefit of Newman's Own.(Buy Newman's Own Cat Food here.)

source: Cat Food Reviews

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Lady Bee
Pet News

Mar 26, 2012
by Anonymous
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Cat Health

Nice to find your cat food reviews. Everyone wants the healthiest cat and feeding quality food definitely helps.
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Sep 11, 2012
by Anonymous
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Similar results as to what

Similar results as to what i've found for dog food too! Is that a coincidence or are these brands just setting the bar higher?

I know Orijen is doing very well for themselves. Halo, I have heard, every single cat loves Halo products. They aren't cheap, but they aren't the most expensive either.. which is nice! Taste of the Wild being a Diamond food scares me a bit. Natural Balance seems to have their stuff together too!


Sep 27, 2012
by Anonymous
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NO DRY FOOD IS OK FOR CATS. I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS OR HOW GOOD IT SUPPOSEDLY IS! ALL CATS SHOULD BE ON A CANNED FOOD DIET. EVEN CANNED FANCY FEAST IS BETTER THAN ORIJEN DRY. and if you keep feeding your cat dry foods......diabetes is more than likely eminent! if your vet tells you its ok to feed dry the other direction and find a good holistic type vet and you will get better info and your cat will live a much longer, healthier life!

Oct 5, 2012
by Anonymous
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I really am sick and tired

I really am sick and tired of the "DANGER, DANGER" warnings about kibble cat food! My first 2 cats were fed whatever dry cat food I found at the supermarket (mostly Purina One). They both lived to 19 years old and were in great health until their last year. On the other hand, my sister had siblings - 1 died at 6 years old; the other at 9 due to kidney failure. My belief is that cats are like people; some live long lives in spite of "bad" food and "bad" habits - others die young. I am feeding my cats higher quality foods that are mostly grain free. They eat kibble and it's supplemented with canned food every night. My oldest is 13 and in great health.

Oct 21, 2012
by Anonymous
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Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on pets.

Jan 27, 2013
by Anonymous
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My o my how did cats ever

My o my how did cats ever survive a single day as pets before the proliferation of wet canned food? Its amazing there are even any cats around and they are not all extinct having been killed off by kibble!

Aug 26, 2014
by Anonymous
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the best cat food on the

the best cat food on the market is by far blue buffalo canned food

Jan 16, 2015
by Anonymous
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Natural Balance was bought

Natural Balance was bought out by Del Monte, so did the quality go down? My cat got sick on Blue Basics dry - the food was a lighter color than usual - might be a fluke thing, but am scared to try it again. Have never tried Orijen. My cat liked Instinct rabbit, but vet said the raw coating was dangerous. Newman's Own good, but the wet food gave my cat gingivitis and the dry contains soy. Vet said wet food causes dental problems. Food best if ingredients from USA, not China. GMOs not good for people or pets, so organic good. Maybe try to make my own (with vet's help) if I can't find a good brand. I'm still searching...

Mar 17, 2015
by Anonymous
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~~you only need to have 1

~~you only need to have 1 male cat (rarely a female) develop crystals or worse yet stones in their urinary tract due to dry food without the SO index! boy blocked 4 times, in 1 incident, & had to have surgery to save his life....cost...$ pay now for dry food with a SO index, only found at vets (in Canada anyway), a totally wet food diet or pay later!...cats are carnivores & never ate fruits or veggies that I know of....

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