Everyone knows that a group of dogs is called a pack and that a gathering of birds is a flock, but what do you call a crowd or gorillas? Kangaroos? Butterflies? Official proper phrases that no one outside of nature nerds like us will ever use, that’s what!

A Troop of Baboons/Gorillas/Chimpanzees

This one I can see- Primates tend to move in groups with distinctive, almost militarized pecking orders as a single, shuffling unit. That, and it gives new meaning to the term “guerrilla warfare!”

A Pod of Whales/Dolphins/Seals

The word “pod” reminds me of bean and seed pods, and since these aquatic mammals tend to stick closely together when they are in a group, it works.

A Battery of Barracudas

If barracudas could be charged with a crime, “battery” would be a likely option if someone was to swim in the middle of a group of the unpredictable predators…

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Now this is an extremely apt name for a bunch of butterflies! The “kaleidoscope” description is even better when there are more than one species present.

A Prickle of Porcupines

Since porcupines are generally solitary rodents, I think that someone just wanted to invent the term “prickle of porcupines” just in case someone documented a large scale gathering of porcupines.

A Murder of Crows

Sure, it’s macabre, and I don’t thing that a crow as ever killed anyone, but this one just feels right on the money.

A Mob of Kangaroos

Have you seen a kangaroo kick-box something? I’d certainly be intimidated if I saw a mob of kangaroos hopping my way!

A Gang of Elk

See the above, but replace “kick-boxing” with “attack with its big, scary antlers,” “mob” with “gang” and “hopping” with “stampeding.”

A Screech of Seagulls

If you’ve ever attempted a beachside picnic, you’ll probably agree that this was the perfect name for a group of gulls!

A Leap of Leopards

Like the porcupine, leopards generally don’t hang out with other leopards, but if they did, you’d call that spotted and spring-loaded bunch of spotted fur and claws a “leap.”

There we have it! Are there any stranger animal group names than these? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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