Looking to take your pet on vacation, but you're not sure where to go? Nowadays, dogs can not only go on vacation with their owners, but they can get pampered in the process. The right pet friendly hotel will offer a welcome gift, along with spa treatment, comfy accommodations for you dog, room-service menu's, and more. Listed are ten hotels that will give your dog the first class comfort your loyal companion deserves.


Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #1. Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton group offers a fantastic, pet friendly hotel chain with no fees, and no weight regulations. Kimpton Hotels will give you and your dog an enthusiastic welcome, with beds, treats, toys, and more. Some Kimpton Hotels even host doggy happy hours offering complimentary treats for the dogs, and tasty beverages for their owners. They even offer "doga" sessions, a type of yoga that you can enjoy with your pet.

Hotel Monaco, A Kimpton HotelHotel Monaco, A Kimpton Hotel

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel # 2. Affinia Dumont Hotel

The Affinia Dumont is part of the New York based Affinia Boutique and Hotel chain. This wonderful pet hotel is showcased by its "Jet Set Pet" program that provides your pet with a chew toy specific to the city, organic treats, and a signature water bowl that your dog can keep. Your dog will be provided with a comfy plush pet bed, and treated to both grooming and psychic sessions if you so choose.

Affinia Dumont, Barking Dog InnAffinia Dumont, Barking Dog Inn

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #3.  Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel has a focus on getting your dog in shape with doggy boot camps. Your dog will be greeted with a fan-shaped Mandarin Oriental tag, toys, and gourmet treats. The "boot camps" offered include both training and exercise to benefit your dog. Afterwards, you can order a gourmet meal for your pet and adorn him with a Mandarin Oriental doggy t-shirt and bathrobe.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, MiamiMandarin Oriental Hotel, Miami

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #4. Trump International Hotel & Tower

Trump International Hotel & Tower will pamper your dog with soft doggy beds, a water bowl with water bottles to fill it, gourmet treats, and a gorgeous view with floor to ceiling windows. The hotel will provide the owner with a list of dog-friendly places to visit in the city, with easy access to an outdoor dog park. Your dog will be able to enjoy a gourmet meal from the in-room dining menu.

Trump International Hotel & Tower, ChicagoTrump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #5. Ritz-Carlton Hotels

While not all Ritz-Carlton Hotels accept pets, the ones that do pamper them with canine massage therapists and spa treatment. Your dog will enjoy the loaner beds, treats, toys, and bowls that the hotels offer. Pet friendly locations offer special pet packages that include pet hikes, doggy room-service, and baths. There are even doggy raincoats for bad weather days.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New YorkRitz-Carlton Hotel, New York

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #6. Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont Hotels are unique because they offer not only one mini bar... but two. Your dog will enjoy the friendly doggy mini bar and the unique treats that it offers. From doggy cookies to peanut brittle treats, your dog will have no shortage of luxury. Fairmont Hotels will also provide a ceramic bowl, rope toy, a blanket, and a doggy bed. They even threw in an aromatic candle and a spritzer to eliminate pet odors.

Fairmont Hotel, San JoseFairmont Hotel, San Jose


Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #7. W Hotels

W Hotels are known for the PAW (Pets Are Welcome) luxury program that they offer for pets. Your pet will be greeted with a welcome packet that has a toy, tags, a treat, clean-up bags, and a welcome letter with pet information. The room will include a plush pet bed, a water bowl, food, and a "pet in room" sign so your pet won't be disturbed. W Hotels also offer dog sitting, dog walking, and grooming services.

W Hotel, WashingtonW Hotel, Washington

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #8. Loews Hotels

At Loews Hotels, your dog will be greeted with a welcome package that includes a dog tag, pet bowl, and treats. Loews also offers special services like pet sitting, dog walking, and spa treatments for dogs. The hotel located in Coronado Bay is particularly special because it's the only pet friendly hotel that offers surfing for your dog. Purchase the "Su' Ruff Camp" package to get your dog ready to go.

Loews Hotel, DenverLoews Hotel, Denver

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #9. Hotel Indigo

The Hotel Indigo is a stylish hotel at a better price than most. Your dog will enjoy the Hotel Indigo happy hour, or "Yappy Hour", the fresh doggy treats, comfy bed, and water bowl. They also offer a PUP VIP card, which will get you and your dog 10% off all food and beverages. At Hotel Indigo, your dog will get plenty of exercise with the luscious green space available for him.

Hotel Indigo, HoustonHotel Indigo, Houston

Top  Pet Friendly Hotel #10. Sheraton Hotels

Sheraton Hotels are unique because they'll take especially large dogs and cats. Sheraton Hotels will pamper your pets with custom pet bets, floor mats, food and water bowls, ID tags, and more. You'll also receive a welcome kit complete with treats and instructions explaining the best places to walk your pet. The weight limit is 80 lbs., however it's possible to get a signed waiver at the manager's discretion for heavier dogs.

Sheraton Hotel, Los AngelesSheraton Hotel, Los Angeles 

By visiting any of these ten hotels, you and your pet will get the treatment you deserve. So, pack up and have a fantastic vacation with your pet!